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MINI Challenge 2006 UK 1.10

By: GotiKGotcha
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 20-Jul-07
Current release: 1.100, on 23-Jul-07

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Screenie by: riikjoun
Screenie by: riikjoun
Screenie by: NCIS
Screenie by: NCIS
Screenie by: gmatias
Screenie by: gmatias
Screenie by: hechizer0
Screenie by: hechizer0
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

I'm doing this Mod which reproduces the Real UK MINI Challenge 2006 season.

The MINI Cooper Original 3D Model has been created by Jonathan Mace & Stecki.
A friend made me discover the MINI Challenge mod for GTR after I've already started. So my Mod is not a conversion of this GTR Mod ;)

The Mod has two Class:

Club Class: 22 Drivers with a 133bhp MINI Works Cooper.

S Class: 19 Drivers with a 210bhp MINI Works Cooper S.

All Cars' skins, helmets* and Drivers' suits* of the 2006 Season have been reproduced :).
*When it was possible

Version 1.1 improuvements:

- Limit of 19 drivers per races fixed

- Suspensions unusable with Realfeel fixed

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Latest MINI Challenge 2006 UK Comments

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How can I get hold of a blank templete of the BMW MINI?

I want to create one to show a future sponsor what it will look like with their logo's on.
ld1984 on Jan-15-2013

gracias man
hora68 on Dec-17-2012

newbie to rF - just want to say this is great fun and goes straight on to my HOF list. Handling is great with my DFGT wheel which is a big plus for me...
cutback73 on Apr-06-2012

I have downloaded this mod and would like to know if there is a best way to install it. Does the VehVwr.exe file at the top of the extracted file list install the entire mod or is it just a vehicle viewer. Do I have to extract the entire mod to a temp file and then add the individual files to their appropriate folders? I have had some problems in the past doing this that resulted in unplayable mods. If anyone can help me they could send their replies to Thanks in advance.

Tom Beno
jazzman2 on Feb-25-2011

Can't change gear ratios and there doesn't seem to be an upgrade to purchase that allows me to do that.
Atomic Dragon on Apr-09-2010

How many degrees has the steering wheel (lock to lock)? What's the steering ratio?
Angelus[ITA] on Mar-22-2010

I've got my own car up and running in this mod now and I have to say it's brilliant, this is a really good fun mod, AI are a little too 'dopey' but it's great to drive.
Thanks to the mod team that brought this to us.

Jon T.
jon157uk on Feb-01-2010

OK brilliant, I've never added stuff that way before! Thanks very much Firewire!
jon157uk on Jan-30-2010

@jonT.. This works with all mods.. create 2 folderS (on desktop) call one 'SKINS' & the other 'MISC'
put your skin .dds file into the 'SKINS' folder and the window .dds into the 'MISC' folder
(also put any extra .dds files in the 'MISC' folder

Now put the misc folder into the skins folder and drop the lot into any car folder in the mod
Next time you open rfactor, buy the same car that you added the skins folder to,
select the skins option and your car/skin should be in the list
_FIREWIRE_ on Jan-30-2010

Can someone tell me how or where I add my car please? I've made a skin OK but I can't get it show up in the mod.

Thanks... Jon T.
jon157uk on Jan-30-2010

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MINI Challenge 2006 UK