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MRP Raceway Park 1

By: Devotid/
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 24-Jul-09
Current release: 1, on 24-Jul-09

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Screenie by: devotid
Screenie by: devotid
Screenie by: devotid
Screenie by: devotid
Screenie by: devotid
Screenie by: devotid

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MRP Raceway Park in Michiana, IN. USA
One of the Midwest's Premiere karting facilities with a challenging and fun layout. The level of competition and technology at MRP is amazing. So sharpen your skills now..... and then go sign up for some track time and you'll already have the edge. Ive heard if you can win can win anywhere.
If you want to get into real karting they have rentals and arrive and drive programs for all levels of karting.

Check them out and tell them devotid sent you. They are great folks there.


created from scratch by devotid and
Thanks to Garry and the gang for being so nice to us why we studied and photographed the place.
Thanks to BTB and the folks who created and uploaded some of the objects. Created by ennisfargis, Raceking, Duff Buckets and Wierdbeard through Bob's Track Builder

Extract the contents and place it in your Locations folder.

This is a 1.0 version. It has a couple small things that may need attention but I am looking for folks that have been to this track and have some good input. Thanks for downloading and be on the lookout for more US based Kart tracks. We are now laser scanning tracks with state-of-the-art digital scanners.

For information how to get your local kart track digitized contact devotid through rmail or We offer photo and True Laser Scanning of complete facilities. Take your track to the digital world and expand your marketing scope to the entire world.

Thanks very much and look for more updates to this track!

By downloading and/or using this track you agree that:
- This track may only be used for non-commercial use in rFactor. No permission is granted to use the MRP tracks, either in part or whole for any other project or racing game. This applies to all work contained within this release including, but not limited to, the models and textures.
Conversion to any other gaming format is prohibited without permission.

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this track is almost like the real deal besides the fact that it's missing a few curbs and the straight isn't as wide as it is now this track is so mush fun to drive and it's so realistic
monzakarter on Mar-14-2013

Doesn't work, it just closes rFactor and deleted the kart i tried to use
Luke222 on Jul-09-2011

So happy I found this. Now I can brush up my skills before Man Cup comes back to MRP this year
camarrow42 on Jan-08-2011

I gotta say I look forward to this, I'm in the Canadian arrive and drive program and I race at sudbury kartways, so this'll be fun aswell.
horvathn on Aug-30-2010

I've never raced at mrp but i race a lot on r factor and was hoping that you could possibly add other configurations of the track thanks.
hollowpoint on Jul-24-2010

Hey, it would be nice if you could eventually do Andersen Race Park in Palmetto, FL. We are in association with MRP and Birel. We keep full contact with MRP. We order all our Birel products from them as well. We had alot of IN and IL residents attend are camp, and MRP is just about their home track. Please take interest.

Thanks, Raj
rajyam on Dec-27-2009

I've been here 3 times and participated in my very first national event here (World Karting Association Manufacturer's cup 2 cycle). Its a fantastic track and with the improvements they made recently, its a great event to go to. If I can get any sort of time, I'd like to make Dousman as I've done probably over 5,000 laps around it (its my home track).
Margaykarter87 on Aug-01-2009

i went there once and then made the track... i have been back a couple times and have noticed the big hill on the back area of the track. but the track was made from google pics and about a hundred photos i took myself also...

im interested in doing mre midwest tracks if anybody is interested....

Plus PLEASE somebody make a better place to meet brkarters... my website is on hold due to my other biz is crazy busy lately.

Thanks for the kind words though... i owrked hard on this for a while and have a couple new tracks to upload too.
devotid on Jul-24-2009

hi, Im just wondering did you actually design the track based on the topography of the ground, or just by the aerial pic? Because the track itself has some distinct elevation changes, its basically sitting on a hill. I raced at the last wka manufacturers cup here too, about a month ago.
chea on Jun-27-2009

i had a problem with one texture, i running in dx8. i change the texture in material for other texture,, and track run ok.
great job, Devotid! very beautiful kart track, and very fun too! congratulations!
Adriano Augusto on Jun-27-2009

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