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MX-5 Cup 1.10

By: Lazytech/[TSR]Raven
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 23-Apr-06
Current release: 1.100, on 06-May-06

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special thx to the guys and gals over at wgtl
James Borroughs
Tarno for some testing and advice

and to anyone else i forgot to mention

This mod is based on the SCCA's new format MX-5 Cup

this is the inaugural year in this format.

Official series home page

This is prolly not final

remodelled entire cockpit
tons of body work
added driver
more accurate roll cage
paintable helmets
lots of skins
proper template
lod work (alot better FPS)
backlit guages
new proper physics including proper 6 speed tranny.
custom sounds + soundpack from Klaatu
remapped entire model
brake rotors
new rims and tires

We are very open to improving this mod so if you make nice changes wed appreciate being
in and maybe we can make some fixes into official release the next time around.

This was done STRICTLY as a learning process.

hopefully some of you will enjoy it

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venividivici on Jan-04-2013

did any body get any templates
Pocky16 on Jun-23-2011

We need the templates! PLease....
pmt666 on Jul-10-2010

Working now, I installed thr original Sounds folder.
MadMaxRPM on May-30-2010

I have no engine sounds, there wasn't a Sounds folder in the install.
MadMaxRPM on May-30-2010

Are there any templates or blank skins for the MX-5? Also, any models with the hardtop?
huschspeed on Feb-05-2009

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MX-5 Cup