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Manchester City Circuit 2008 0.50

By: cashewboy
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: cashewboy
Screenie by: cashewboy
Screenie by: cashewboy
Screenie by: cashewboy
Screenie by: cashewboy
Screenie by: cashewboy

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July 10th 2009
Beta is now released. Feel free to race against the AI. Recommended number of cars is 22 including yourself, any more may cause problems. Rolling starts from manual formation laps don't work, neither does skipping the formation lap. There are no buildings, and ignore the big wall next to the pit straight. I attempted to just add a texture to the wall to resemble a building but it didn't work. So I'm still having object problems :(

Some of the bumps can be quite vicious in the open wheelers, so be careful.

There are no pit lights yet, that can be fixed soon. Nor are there any visible grid positions or a start line. Most scenery is somewhat done, except for a few overhead bridges and small tunnels. I also need to put a wall on the outside of turn 6 (where the kerbing protrudes from the exit wall). That is where the G-MEX/Manchester Central resides.

There are also some shadow bugs, can be fixed quite easily.

If anyone has any help for the buildings though, I can give you some errors coming up or some guidance to build them for me if you have the time.

Thanks, hope you enjoy it as it is currently.

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I'm still working on all of my WIP circuits, you could say I've overloaded myself.

This will take a long time. I've had trouble getting buildings into the game without some sort of error coming up after an attempt to load. Losing patience!

If anyone can help PLEASE message me or something.
cashewboy on Jun-26-2009

Are you still working on it or is the project dead ?

Maybe you could release a beta.

Good luck with this
hackmann on Jun-13-2009

I would like to contact you, because i want to create a circuit in street, but i don't know what's do, cashewboy
ingrenault-06 on Nov-07-2008

This is utterly genius! I downloaded Bob's track builder demo the other day, and while I have absolutely NO IDEA what I'm doing (lol) I'm messing around with the idle intention to one day purchase the full version and create a Preston City centre track (my home town, 30 mins north of Manchester) I look forward to seeing further developments with this track!
madame apfel on Nov-04-2008

Feel free to add to it after release...
cashewboy on Oct-29-2008

Dude, if this circuit passed through Matt Busby street (Old TRafford specically) then this would be tha basolutely bes f*cking track EVER.
chinorenaultf1 on Oct-25-2008

in that case, i eargerly await the first release
best of luck with it
motorsport_dvd_king on Oct-19-2008

Like I said in the video description, what's shown is an early version. The current version is wider, don't worry
cashewboy on Oct-18-2008

i'm all for narrow tracks for things like rally and touge, but i'm a little concerned that ur track may be almost unusable for racing, there will either be not much racing done on it or when people do, i predict alot of crashes, i hope the final version is slightly wider
motorsport_dvd_king on Oct-17-2008

Onboard lap video is now up.

Obviously I've uploaded one showing a previous save, as if I'm going to show you what it looks like at the moment! That's just leaking *Snigger*
cashewboy on Oct-17-2008

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