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Map Plugin 1.06

By: fazerbox

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Map Plugin Beta Version 1.06
(rFactor & SuperLeague Formula 2009)

Plugin shows Cars and Track Map in rFactor and is fully Configurable by Mapconf.txt text file.
It was developed by Fazerbox (

This Plugin version integrates XD 2.1.4 developed by Yako. See http:///

It is not possible execute MapPlugin + XD + TVStyle at the same time

Possible scenarios:
a) MapPlugin
b) MapPlugin + XD
c) MapPlugin + TVStyle

A) DirectX End-User Runtimes (November 2008) from Microsoft:

B) Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)
ENG Version:

IT it doesn't work, try to download and install .NET Framework 3.5. Download from Microsoft site.
ENG Version:

Installation MapPlugin Only

1) Unzip in rFactor Folder

2) Edit MapPlugin.ini text file as follows:


3) Save file and exit

Start Game and Enjoy!

Installation MapPlugin + XD

1) Unzip in rFactor Folder

2) Edit MapPlugin.ini text file as follows:


3) Save file and exit

Start Game and Enjoy!

Installation MapPlugin + TVStyle

1) Install TVStyle
2) Rename d3d9.dll (installed by TVStyle) in rFactor d3d9_tvstyle.dll

3) Unzip in rFactor Folder

4) Edit MapPlugin.ini text file as follows:


5) Save file and exit

Start Game and Enjoy!

Modify the text file rFactor/Plugins/Map/mapconf.txt to change A lots of Plugin Parameters.

: Enable/disable XD Plugin. Key configurable in XD.ini
Numpad_0 : To change Map Mode: OFF, FIX, MOBILE and ROTATION
CTRL + NUMPAD_0 : To change from IMAGES mode to DOTS and viceversa
NUMPAD_. : To Zoom In MAP
CTRL + NUMPAD_. : To Zoom Out MAP
ALT + NUMPAD_0 : To Loop between different tracks with the same name like "Vallelunga"
ALT + : To move Map On Screen
ALT + NUMPAD_. : To Show/Unshow Frame (Box) around Map
PAUSE : Show names
SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW : Increase Width
SHIFT + LEFT ARROW : Decrease Width
SHIFT + UP ARROW : Increase Height
SHIFT + DOWN ARROW : Decrease Height
CTRL + 1 : Increase Fonts Size

ALT + PAUSA : Change Sector Color. From Unique to different.

Inside Monitor in Pit.
SHIFT + PAUSE : Reset Map Position.

In Track (Race, Practise, Qualifying ...)
MAIUSC + PAUSA : Shows Extra Race Info as Fuel, Position, Laps

- If MAP in FIX Mode,
NUMPAD_. key increase 'Window' Map size
CTRL + NUMPAD_. key decrease 'Window' Map size
NUMPAD_. key, increase Map Size
CTRL + NUMPAD_. key decrease Map Size

You can change these keys from mapconf.txt file

Uninstall Instructions

Delete d3d9.dll and MapPlugin.ini from the root rFactor Folder.
Delete MapPlugin.dll from PLugins directory
Remove Map Directory from Plugins directory
If installed with TVStyle Rename d3d9_tvstyle.dll as d3d9.dll
If installed with XD Rename d3d9_xd as d3d9.dll

A) Many people that have experienced crash or bugs have resolved it after having installed ".NET Framework 3.5"
I don't Know Why, I don't use it in Plugin, but seems Plugin needs .NET Framework 3.5.
If people Experience Bugs or Crash, please download and install
".NET Framework 3.5" from Microsoft site.

B) who has D3DDX9_40.DLL error ERROR, has NOT the latest DirectX installed. Please download it from Microsoft, see Above Requirements.

C) Who has FMODEX.DLL error, please copy fmodex.dll from rFactor/Plugins Folder and copy it in rFactor root Folder.
fmodex.dll is installed by Spotter Plugin.

D) About TVStyle integration, Please follow installation instructions Step by Step

Release notes Version 1.06
1) XD 2.1.4 Motec Integrated - Plugin developed by Yaco http:///
2) Fixed bug on Partial Track Map in Goodwood Revival Track
This bug should be solved in Others Tracks with same problem

Release notes Version 1.05
1) Fixed CTD on Klausenpass Bergsprint track
2) new SkipTrackPoints parameters. Default = 3. Every 3 Track point show a point. 0 = Disable.
It is related to Minimap Precision
3) new LineUpperCarDistance parameter. Default = 100. Cars distance fron me less that 100 m are drown below Track Line.
Usefull in case of a lot of near cars. 0 = Disable

Release notes Version 1.04
1) Fixed CTD during Replays
2) Added DifferentSectorColor Parameter for using different color Sector
3) Added Parameters Sector1Color, Sector2Color, Sector3Color . Sector Colors
4) Added ALT + PAUSE to change from Different to Same color Sector

Release notes Version 1.03
1) Compatible with SuperLeague Formula 2009.
2) Fixed Bug that caused map not visible on some systems
3) Added AIWAddresses parametr, stores memory addresses where AIW Filename may be stored
4) Added ZOOM parameter. Initial Zoon in form x:y where x pixels = y meters. Default 100:200

Release notes Version 1.02
1) Fixed minor Bug On some Track Like Le Mans
2) Added Sizeable Characters with key CTRL+1
3) Renamed Map.conf in mapconf.txt

Release notes Version 1.01
1) Fixed Bug CTD on some Tracks like Ledenon, Thermalito, ecc..

Release notes Version 1.0
1) Map in Pit
2) Extra Infos like Fuel, Pos, ecc.
3) Bug Fixed on some tracks like Le Mans
4) Fixed random Crash during leaving Driver.
5) Better icons
6) Better drawing track routine
7) Better Performance

Release notes Version 0.98.2
1) Corrected bug when Tracks aren't installed in Default Directory
2) Corrected crash of MapPlugin in some track like Mid America Motorplex 2.00 and others.
3) Corrected Bug on your car color
4) Improved movement of opponets cars, now movements are refreshed at the same rate of your car.
5) Inserted ALT + To move Map On Screen
6) Inserted ALT + NUMPAD_. to Show/Unshow Frame around Map
7) New readeable icons for cars
8) Better Routine for rendering MAP.

Release notes Version 0.98.1
1) Inserted ALT + NUMPAD_0 to LOOP between different tracks with the same name like "Vallelunga" or "Hockenheim"
2) Corrected minus bug when Right Alignment used

Many Many Thanks To:
- Virtual Racing Group Staff - and
- Michael Koch for his article at
- rFactor plugin example source: Image Space Incorporated (
- Alain Cottignies (, Chris Hoyle (, Michael Koch (
For d3d9.dll and their fantastic samples here
Sample1: (Source Code d3d9.dll)
Sample2: (Rpm Sample Plugin)

- Jeffrey Camilleri: - (For Testing and Transation)

- Special Thabks to Motion for MapPlugin Logo.

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will recommend ths to my friends. tape extensions
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

I'm sorry but link for download is not working. Where I can find Map Plugin?
Helmet7881 on Apr-30-2020

Why link to download version 1.05 ? Where 1.06 ?
serxdreamer on Sep-04-2016

I wonder if anyone can help. I had occasion to reactivate rFactor by installing Version 1255G. All seems OK except I can no longer get XD to work. The map works fine.
Is XD not compatible with version 1255G?
If you have this error log into a gannal exe file,
Ulf Carlsson on Sep-15-2015

I wonder if anyone can help. I had occasion to reactivate rFactor by installing Version 1255G. All seems OK except I can no longer get XD to work. The map works fine.
Is XD not compatible with version 1255G?

EDIT: Don't worry - got sorted

Davy512 on Jun-30-2014

Thanks so much for this great plugin!!!
mdpxml on Sep-28-2013

This plugin works perfectly in my rFactor!!!!
Kniker97 on Aug-05-2012

I install it in W7 Professional. Run rfactor.exe and I get the following error.

d3d9_40.dll not found.

but I have installed the drivers DirectX9.c

I have in the Map.ini



I haven´t installed TVStyle neither XD, only Map.

I don´t understaand it
miccalan on Feb-24-2012

I don't understand how to install it. I don't think i have a .ini file.
07890799040 on Feb-14-2012

@ Fazerbox
Thank you again for the wonderful plugin now I have some new questions

Can I run this plugin on multiple instals from one common plugins folder or do I need to keep the new plugins folder of every new instal of rf?

Answer is, yes you can. Simply copy and paste the map dll and ini file from orginal rf instal folder to new rf instal folder. Thats it!! Tested and working fine!!

Will this also together with wombats fps fix and xd all att the same time? And how would one edit the ini file for this?
Bondkiller on Oct-06-2011

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