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Master Milla ECE 1

By: Emanuel and Emita
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Street
Initial release: 14-Sep-13
Current release: 1, on 14-Sep-13

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: Emanuel
Screenie by: Emanuel

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Bueno gente aca les dejo este mod que estube trabajando bastante, espero que sea de su agrado,
que consta de autos con motores 4cil de las marcas Chevrolet, Ford, Fiat y Volswagen.
Ojala se puedan hacer buenos encuentros y campeonatos de 1/4 de milla.Si encuentran algun detalle
sepan disculpar en algun update sera reparado.


-ECE Modding + Desing.
-B375 Virtual Motros.
-Vsim Proyects.
-Rally Wrold.
-Drag Factor Argentina and Uruguay. (Grupo Facebook)
-Leonardo Babin (lights Flare).
-A todos los modelers que me dieron una mano.
-A los que aportaron sus partes y/o Mods para la realizacion del mismo.
-A todo aquel que de alguna manera u otra aporto al mod.

P/D: Incluye un auto sorpresa! (Beta)


Well folks here I leave this mod that i was working hard, I hope you enjoy it,
consisting of 4cil engine cars of Chevrolet, Ford, Fiat and Volswagen.
Hopefully they can make good games and championships quarter mile. in the case that is some detail
apologize for any update to be repaired.


-ECE Modding + Design.
Motros Virtual-B375.
-Vsim Proyects.
-Rally wrold.
-Drag Factor Argentina and Uruguay. (Facebook Group)
-Leonardo Babin (Flare lights).
-To all the modelers who gave me a hand.
-To those who contributed their parts and / or Mods for the realization of it.
-To everyone who in one way or another bring to the mod.

P / D: Includes a car surprise! (Beta)

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se podra descargar de otro lado????
yaconis296223 on Jun-30-2016

Hi great looking mod but can you re-upload to a better site please? maybe mediafire or gamefront or something like that i hate 4shared i want to play this but not through 4shared sorry.
D3V1L21 on Nov-07-2013

its fiat uno scr not turbo ... Coming soon upload in other server... (es un fiat uno scr no turbo ... pronto lo subire a otro servidor)
emanuelcruz20 on Oct-15-2013

lo podras subir a otro lado que no sea 4shared? es una garcha!!!! gracias capo!
leitoyeyo on Oct-13-2013

no me permitieron que lo suba a mediafire sorry...
emanuelcruz20 on Sep-23-2013

Please new download link - 4shared SUCKS!!!
CDKiernan on Sep-17-2013

new download link please! Great uno turbo!!
vespa130polini on Sep-17-2013

please upload to mediafire thnx
Jeffrey3456 on Sep-16-2013

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