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Mazda RX-8 1

By: Aidziuz
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 10-Dec-10
Current release: 1, on 10-Dec-10

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Screenie by: Aidziuz
Screenie by: Aidziuz
Screenie by: Aidziuz
Screenie by: Aidziuz
Screenie by: Aidziuz
Screenie by: Aidziuz

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Mazda RX-8 first release, which has Mazda Cup car with changeable engine (From 1.3 Renesis2 to 1.8 Turbo rotary engines), changeable transmission (Std, Hewlant, Hewlant LM, EMCO GA46) and spoiler.

This mod is conversion from a GTR-2 mod (thanx for Nucleon of GTR2 version). But this mod needs some changes:

1. Add Gauges in interior (DONE)

2. Sounds. (HALF DONE)

3. Change car physics (MAY BE IMPROVED AFTER RELEASE)

Original Credits:
- Nucleon for all the work on the 3d-models
- Hanni89 for rims and steering wheel
- Meggi for textures
- Oversteer for textures
- Zmlee for textures and template
- FJR for textures
- Alexi99 for pushing and Grand Am Version
- GTI-Heizer for developing the 3d-model materials
- racer11 for the Speedsource Cars
- jml74 for the Grand-Am Dempsey and Grand-Am Racers Edge Cars
- 71GTo for many detail work in the physics and cas-Files

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I don't understand why don't you upload whatever to MEGA or Media Fire. You make something, upload it to shitty hosts and nobody is able to download it.
RangerFrank on Aug-27-2016

I am unable to this still available??
naylorjr1 on Aug-02-2016

can we finish this up plz been far too long on this one also the sound is buggy and please add the mazda trix model or skin ty I said ty.
stever451 on Jul-19-2013

Mazda car is excellent in performance. It has quality engines. It is good to have this brand of car. I know that going to a dealership can be scary and frustrating sometimes, but it does not have to be as long as you go to one you can trust. I went to Kennedy Mazda in Valparaiso, and I am very glad I did. The dealership made sure I was satisfied with my purchase and got every little thing I was looking for in a car. It is always a good idea to go to the professionals. I found my dealership at:Valparaiso IN Mazda
Lenchant on Apr-19-2012

How do you name the window file to appear on different cars? Tried extra0 thru 9, tried ending with windows, windshield, glass, and still shows default texture.
racnfan on Dec-12-2011


Its pretty equal with other GT2 cars in the IMSA GT mod, yet each car has its own unique set of physics.
IMSA GTP on Oct-01-2011

I finally fudged it by making a special copy of upgrades file with only the top level bits in it. Trouble is, the car is way too slow compared to the EOAA GT cars (DBR9 Aston et al), the BMW M3GTR, and the PCC Porsches. Is there a way to balance them out?
Skyhooks75 on Oct-01-2011

How do I force all the cars to full spec so they can race the Porsches in the Carrera Cup mod?
Skyhooks75 on Sep-15-2011

Yeah, the most important thing to upgrade now is sounds... Other parts can wait..
Aidziuz on Dec-16-2010

This mod is a great start. The visuals are pretty solid but I can't but help noticing that the sounds are incomplete.
enduroman70 on Dec-15-2010

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