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Meadowdale International Raceway 0.10

By: Jesse Laakso and NickDeFender
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Screenie by: -Jesse-
Screenie by: -Jesse-
Screenie by: -Jesse-
Screenie by: -Jesse-

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Meadowdale Raceway was built in 1958 north of Carpentersville, Illinois, to attract development to the suburbs of Chicago. It is located at the intersection of Illinois Route 31 and Huntley Road.

At the time the track was built, Carpentersville was a very small industrial town on the Fox River that was just beginning to see the effects of the post-war housing boom in the United States. One developer, who was erecting a housing subdivision along the river, decided to install a road race track across the highway from the subdivision as an attraction.

As originally opened, the track was 3.27 miles (5.26 km) long, with a steep 180 degree curve, known as the Monza Wall, leading onto the 3/4 mile front straight. The Chicago Region of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) conducted the track's inaugural event on September 13 and September 14, 1958, a regional race. However, SCCA indicates that the inaugural race was something less than a complete success.
Seeding of the grounds was unsatisfactory or had not been done, and dust enveloped everything and everyone. Earth embankments lined much of the course and several turns did not offer escape roads. The weekend was tragically marred by a fatal accident during Race Three.

SCCA began a long series of negotiations with track management over improvements that were needed, but despite this, the 1959 and 1960 SCCA seasons contained no events at Meadowdale.

In addition to SCCA events, the track also hosted USAC auto racing, AMA motorcycle racing, and kart racing during its life.

Unfortunately, the track never committed to making a series of safety improvements requested by the various sanctioning bodies, and this, together with competition by nearby Road America, eventually led to the track's demise. The last major auto racing event, an SCCA Trans-Am Series race, was held July 7 and July 8, 1968, and the track closed soon afterward.

The track's second life

Various proposals had been put forth, over the years, to bring racing back to Meadowdale. However, these ran into the same problems that had brought down the track in the first place: unsafe track conditions, and competition from Road America and Blackhawk Farms Raceway, and none were ever successful.

In 1994, a group of local park districts purchased the north 90 acres (360,000 m2) of the track's land for use as part of a new forest preserve, and purchased the remainder of the site in 2002. The track site is now, formally, a forest and nature preserve and recreational area known as "Raceway Woods". However, the volunteers who maintain the site have recognized its importance as a race track, and have done much to keep the original track and related structures in place in the form of a hiking trail.

Raceway Woods is maintained by the Dundee (IL) Township Park District

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William596 on Apr-16-2018

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Bowser563 on Oct-10-2017

Umm Hi, Well i was wondering did anybody finish this? & if so can i get it i am extremely interested in this.
Jakegerber123 on Jul-19-2012

I'm awed by this community bringing these tracks to virtual life. I have quite a bit of movie footage of Meadowdale and watching that is amazing. Wish I had the knowledge and dedication to see this awesome track thru. Originally the Meadowdale Raceway concept was to mix european track key turns and features into one. Challenging for sure, it had it all.... sadly for a very short time.
intakexhaust on Jun-16-2011

Hi all,

Sorry for my slow reply and no updates here. Please see the current situation here:

KJProX, the highest area (back straight, Doane's corner, start of main straight) is 274 m and the lowest point, 233 m, is at the exit of "Little Monza" (Greg's Corkscrew).

David, that is so cool! You must feel proud that your dad was involved making one of the greatest road circuits in US. Please visit the link above and post there!
-Jesse- on Oct-30-2009

I would love to see this track finished and added to the rFactor tracks as my father helped design this track in Carpentersville. His name was Dick Doane. Look at Doane's Corner on the course layout, Dad loved a challenge!

David Doane
Eldavo on Oct-07-2009

I've had an interest in this track since I drove by it in the early 90's and the guy with me told me there was an old track up beyond the tree's. It was great to find the website about it, with all the photo's. I Just got Bob's Track Builder and started working on it just for myself to drive on, I'm just learning but have a rough drivable track. Now I find this and it's already being worked on and I'm sure it will be way better then mine so looking forward to it being compleated.

Just curious MIRacer, how much of difference in elevation is there between the main straight and the lowest portion of the track? And is that portion around the silo area?
KJProX on Jun-07-2009

Ross, for some reason my e-mails don't get through to you. I send you a private message, please check it.
-Jesse- on Mar-12-2009

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