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Meanwood Park 1

By: The Zedman
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 23-Aug-11
Current release: 1, on 15-Sep-11

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Screenie by: Zedman
Screenie by: Zedman

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A new Playground for GT and Sprint racers.

Meanwood Parks, this complex consists of two seperate tracks as deatailed below, located on a vast woodland setting adjacent to a large city, the circuits support full grid with rolling or standing starts, all lights work and have been located at various positions around the circuits. Both tracks can run full 24 hour events.

Meanwood Club:
The shorter track of the Meanwood Parks complex, however, its fast flowing and has some great overtaking points if you got the balls for it, track is fully rendered and is also runs day and night without issue. i have run full races using clios to gt cars and all hae been fine here. The track is great fun and makes for super sprint races, tight close racing at its best. The track has lots going on the infield including open air video wall, Mobile 1 building, and even a small show area with a giant inflatable football. expect laptimes of the 40 seconds in GT spec cars.

Meanwood GT 24:
This is the full endurance circuit of MeanwoodParks, clipping throught part of the nearby city, this is a special event, with grandstands located throughout and numerous cameras to catch the action, there are some great fast sections, some tight sections and flowing fast mountain road, each part flows into the next, awesome for GT, WTCC, F3, F1, LMP, and great for the DRM. The track is huge it passes by in just under 2 minutes in a GT spec car. cars will use full throttle for almost 70% of the track, and hit top gear at least twice.

The pit lane is fully operational, it is lit and has a line on the ground with pit lights to mark pit exit and entry limits (this is also the speed restricted zone). there is also a warning set of lights on pit exit to assist with first corner merging.

Run in dx 9, or force dx 10 if you have the means, this track looks great in hi-res.
The very last chicane has numerous racing lines, and is significantly different with each type of race series, race it and you will get the picture.
There's some replay camera's that could do with adjusting.
Nighttime textures in places i may upgrade (you may not even notice the areas, this is me being picky)

With the series i have tested, the AI is fast and flowing and will give you very good off and online challenge.

This is my first rfactor track build, i hope you enjoy it as much as i do, big thanks to all the xpackers and BTB for making this track possible.


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Unthinkable until now because the variation was set at 0.2%.
newstart027 on Dec-01-2016

All links are down!
nandorock80 on Feb-07-2012

Almost as good as your user name thanks dude
Zedman on Sep-18-2011

Realy nice Track "Zedman".
Zedman1 on Sep-18-2011

Both tracks are really nice. Good job!
mcb52 on Sep-15-2011

I have more BillG, once you have mastered this place, keep an eye out for.................... "The Wall" ...................
Zedman on Sep-15-2011

Excellent work Mr.Zedman ... more please
BillG on Sep-15-2011

track been submitted to rfc for release, enjoy
Zedman on Sep-14-2011

there shoulde ba download zip of a whole load of screenshots, will be releasing this in the next few days so keep an eye out
Zedman on Sep-14-2011

sounds pretty cool some more screens would be nice
scottland666 on Sep-08-2011

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