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Megane Trophy Eurocup 2010 Open Beta 0.20

By: MAK-Corp
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 07-Mar-11
Current release: 0.200, on 10-Mar-11

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Screenie by: yanden
Screenie by: yanden
Screenie by: yanden
Screenie by: yanden
Screenie by: yanden
Screenie by: yanden
Screenie by: yanden
Screenie by: yanden
Screenie by: yanden
Screenie by: yanden

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MAK-Corp 2010 Megane Trophy Open Beta v0.2

The 2010 Renault Megane Trophy Open Beta developed by MAK-Corp is released for the purpose to allow the community to help us by providing feedback solely on physics. We do wish to state that we are aware of 99% of the bugs on the megane that are currently being fixed for the final release.

Please treat this open beta as a release to allow the community to help us make the mod handle in the way you the players would like it to handle.

Please remove the previous 0.1.1 beta as some changes may conflict.


- 2 Teams and 2 Drivers
- Developed Physics for Community Testing
- Digital Fuel Gauge on LCD Dash

- CHANGED: Redone HDV, Suspension and Tire files.

- CHANGED: Verschuur folder to McG Fashion by Equipe Verschuur to reflect real team name.

- FIXED: Renault Sport Driver name

- UPDATED: Verschuur VEH file to reflect driver name and number


All content of the 2010 Megane Trophy Open Beta is property of MAK-Corp. All content of the Open Beta MUST NOT be used without the express written prior permission from MAK-Corp CEO Petros Mak. To acquire permissions please contact us on

Racing Leagues

Racing Leagues may use this open beta and edit physics and templates to suit their league requirements. League versions of the MAK-Corp 2010 Megane Trophy Open Beta v0.1 MUST REMAIN on the league website only and MUST NOT be released on third party websites.

Racing Leagues MUST BE MAK-Corp Certified Leagues to run this open beta. You may apply to become a MAK-Corp Certified League via the MAK-Corp Official Forums thread linked below...

Applying is FREE and allows approved leagues to run all
MAK-Corp Mods.


Executive Producer: Petros Mak
Producer: Derek Nye
Data and Resources: Jonathan Bartlett & Verschuur Racing

3D Car Model: Chad Canning
3D Car Model Updates: Daniel Assirelli
2D Car Texture: Lukasz Kacprzykowski
Shadows: Daniel Assirelli
In-Game: Giovanni Scala
Sounds: Boy Van De Laar
Sound Fixes: Giovanni Scala
Final File Structure: Petros Mak
Screenshots: Daniel Soro

Special Thanks

Special thanks go to Jonathan Bartlett and the Verschuur Racing Team both who made this mod creation possible with the extensive help and support provided. Thanks guys!

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Would love to help as it will help me.

What do you need, I have the original Delahaye car, I race this in Britcar, purchased rFactor to help my driving.

look at and

We have full data logging, cameras pointing front, back, driver and feet.

Lets do it.

Kind regards

Ash996GT2 on Sep-02-2013

my cars are only silver, can someone help me?
rmateus on May-28-2013

Hello, I would appreciate a link to the mod and templates.
nicolak on Jul-28-2012

Hi folks, I'm looking for this mod template to create a custom F1. If anyone has would be so kind as to pass them.
My email is jab.23 @
jab.23 on Apr-24-2012

Not being funny but all download links are not usable now, p[lease resolve this problem.
Crazycrown on Apr-14-2012

Barush, You're running rFactor in DX7
Recommended to run in DX9
HRoss on Jan-21-2012

Hello. I need help. After loading Eurocup Megane Trophy 2010 Open Beta, I have all the cars only silver. You advise me what's wrong. Thank you very much.
Barush on Aug-14-2011

keep the monster skin in full release
Sasuke024 on Aug-12-2011

No skins in my cars, its like silver
abtfan2010 on Jul-02-2011

Why looks my cars so:

abtfan2010 on Jul-02-2011

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