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Melville Sportscar Course 1

By: Strava
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 16-Dec-08
Current release: 1, on 16-Dec-08

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Screenie by: the_last_name_left
Screenie by: the_last_name_left
Screenie by: the_last_name_left
Screenie by: the_last_name_left
Screenie by: Strava
Screenie by: Strava
Screenie by: Strava
Screenie by: Strava
Screenie by: Strava
Screenie by: Strava

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Melville Sportscar Course

An rFactor track by Strava

Copyright 2008 Strava

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hey last_name
Those curbs look to be 2 polys wide, the same as mine.
The difference is it has a lot more polys to make the curve.
Which is a trade-off between looks and FPS.
Also, because of how I did the elevations I had to be careful with the mesh density.
So it's not quite as dense as I normally make it.
Strava on Dec-27-2008

No, it certainly isn,t sarcasm. I know it is supposed to be a screenshot of the curb, but seriously it,s a fabulous screenshot.
kendo on Dec-25-2008

thanks. But i'm wondering if that is sarcasm, as it was supposed to be picture of the kerbs. hehe

But I guess you mean the car. Assuming you mean the car, it's GP2-08, I think. Lovely model and default skin?

track is spa, by, i think. It might even be a prohibited one - so apologies if I broke the house rules, rfC. oooops.

I guess the pics should say it isn't a screenie of Meliville - yet! Eh, Strava? Any chance of a V2 one day - with nice kerbs?
the_last_name_left on Dec-25-2008

Fabulous screenie there the_last_name_left.
kendo on Dec-24-2008

I added a couple of kerb screenshots - though they aren't the exact ones I was thinking of.

Those kerbs are at a version of spa. Which version?

You'll probably tell me yours are much the same? Maybe it's just the poly count is higher on these nice spa kerbs?

I think it'd be nice touch - but regardless, it's a lovely track to drive. I like it a lot. Thanks.
the_last_name_left on Dec-24-2008

strava - in particular i was thinking about the ones at (a version of) Spa. Which version? Hmm. I'm sure the exact same curbs are used elsewhere too - I'll try to find some examples. They're quite high curbs, but run in a nice smooth curve down to the track surface, and not only do they look very good, they also have great feel as the wheels come off them and back onto the tarmac. I'll post some screenshots later.

I tried a few other mods on this track and they work great too. I didn't notice the problem with the champcar line - but I didn't race, only practiced.

What did you use to make the track? BTB, 3DS?
the_last_name_left on Dec-20-2008

I love this layout. The Japanese F3 2007 mod feels right at home. It's like this circuit was made for them. I don't usually like "club racer" type tracks but this one is excellent. Good work.
thearmofbarlow on Dec-20-2008

Hi the_last_name_left
Tell me a track that has "those splendid smooth 3D Curbs" so I can learn how to do them :-)
Hi saultenian
Champcars? Hmmm, the straights here are a bit short for Champcars.
Try letting an AI driver "learn" the track and see if that helps.
You may need to copy the .ini file built by the learning session to the main Champcar folder and rename it to Melville.ini.
Strava on Dec-20-2008

awesome track. the champcars (2006) tend to get offline at the end of the back straight and and off at the final corner. they go overland and end up dancing on the fence. 31 car race, i started last (6 laps) and was in first by the last lap due to the fence dancing. Fun to watch.
saultenian on Dec-19-2008

I just stopped lapping there to come post and say how much I enjoyed driving this course. in HistoriX Escort, as it happens.

Some of those splendid smooth 3D Curbs found on some tracks would be a really nice addition - because the pleasure in this track - for me - is those long sweeping bends. Quite relaxing.

Some more mood objects and stuff about the place and this could be top-notch track imo. ANd seeing as it's fantasy - a little more elevation change might be good too? But even that might spoil it - be a shame to make all those nice corners all off-camber.

But ignore my dreaming - it's doubleplusgood as it is. Thanks.
the_last_name_left on Dec-18-2008

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