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Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II 0.98

By: Gvioulspea
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 27-Sep-10
Current release: 0.980, on 27-Sep-10

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Screenie by: gvioulspea
Screenie by: gvioulspea
Screenie by: gvioulspea
Screenie by: gvioulspea
Screenie by: gvioulspea
Screenie by: gvioulspea
Screenie by: gvioulspea
Screenie by: gvioulspea
Screenie by: gvioulspea
Screenie by: gvioulspea

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

La mitica Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II sarà più presto possiblie disponibile per rFactor................

Mod per rFactor ancora in progresso iniziata 14:00 del 13 Dicembre 2008
Modelli 3d: Gvioulspea:=========99%:
File immagine.DDS.TGA: Gvioulspea:=======80%==:
Fisica: Gvioulspea:========95%=:
Suoni: Gvioulspea:=====60%====:

Fix prossima:
interni: Gvioulspea:=========100%:
Ruote: Gvioulspea:=========100%:
Alettone: Gvioulspea:=========100%:

{(non puo essere rilasciato perchè hanno respinto la richiesta di potere
utilizzare il modello dell'alfa)
NUOVO MENU!!!!: Gvioulspea:=========100%:}

(si ringrazia Cosm1 per i consigli)
motore corretto V
Freno motore corretto V
File.gen e Spinner.gen corretti V
Cockpit corretto V
Pinze freni corrette V
Dischi freno corretti V

si ringrazia il Sito

si ringraziano: Mirko Mensone (Menso89), Raffaele DiPaolo (Masteraf),Davide Molino (Milite), Samuele Baldan (spumaz), Simone Scancarello, Giovanni (Cosm1)
se non scrivo gli altri è perche non li ricordo....grazie.

si ringrazia chiunque contribuisca a migliorare la mod grazie popolo di rFactor.

The legendary Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II will be available as soon as possible for rFactor ................

Mod for rFactor still in progress begun 14.00 on December 13, 2008

3D models: Gvioulspea :========= 99%:
File immagine.DDS.TGA: Gvioulspea :======= 80% ==:
Physics: Gvioulspea :======== = 95%:
Sounds: Gvioulspea :===== 60 %====:

Fix next:
Interior: Gvioulspea :========= 100%
Wheels: Gvioulspea :========= 100%
Spoiler: Gvioulspea :========= 100%

{(can not be released because they have rejected the request for power
use the model of alfa)
NEW MENU !!!!: Gvioulspea :========= 100%}

(Thanks for the advice Cosm1)
correct engine V
Engine brake correct V
File.gen Spinner.gen and corrected V
Cockpit correct V
Calipers correct V
Brake discs are fixed V

we thank Site

thanks to: Mirko Mensone (Menso89), Raffaele DiPaolo (Masteraf), Davide Molino (Milite), Samuele Baldan (Spumaz), Simone Scancarello, Giovanni (Cosm1)
if I do not write the other is not because I remember them .... thanks.

we thank everyone who has helped to improve the mod with the people of rFactor.

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Hallo. I like this mod? Only the Motor is the wrong. When comes v0.99?
Robotnic on Feb-28-2013

w8 for v0.99 what up with the reving, like it sees red line u get dead engine :I
JanJ on Jul-05-2011

thank you very much for the advice, much of what you said was correct
now add something else, I follow your advice and thanks again!
gvioulspea on Feb-14-2011

gvioulspea I must admit the mod's phisycs are something I would say is an unforgettable expierience and the mod in the whole is fantastic! I've few little things I would add/change in the mod though, and from the list for 0.99 I can undersdand you want to change most of those little errors well if I had to list all the things to change it would be as follow :

add mirrors (for safety at races)
add rev counter in dashboard (for convienience and real like cockpit)
for cosmetics I think the driver shouldn't be visible from cockpit view, it doesn't look really nice and there is not really any purpose for it
of course the engine should not blow so quickly and so easily, though when we played with a friend online with this, after we got the hand of it there was a really small chance of us blowing one up and if did so it was just cause of too short 5th gear or a misshift
well I think that's the general things I would change until 1.0 anyway as I said this is a masterpiece for enjoyable driving and really nice wheel to wheel fights. Thank you for such a mod and I would love you to sometime do a DTM season. You've done first piece for 1993 why not to continue it? Alright that's a bit of reading there so hope to see .99 in march
kkacper89 on Feb-12-2011

thats is a new menu
gvioulspea on Feb-12-2011

The car breaks after I start it, what the hell is that??
Latetzki on Feb-11-2011

Where's the RFM file? And no sound at all?
YashioFactory on Feb-02-2011

proper fun to drive, fantastic!
thanks. phil.
oldmassa on Jan-23-2011

Very good, thanks.
But what is the track on the first screenshot ?
sardokard on Jan-22-2011

any news ?
Itsfun on Jan-05-2011

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