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Metro-Dade Motorsports Park 1996-1997 0.80

By: Kartracer087 (Margaykarter87) and SIMdustry Games
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Oval Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Margaykarter87
Screenie by: Margaykarter87

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This is the 1996/1997 Homestead Oval Circuit. It will include the infield road course

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What is the status & proggress?
When will this track be released?
JPRF64 on Jan-15-2010

We have finished the track layout recently (I had to fix a wall and I've been sidelined by school activities). The project is still running. SimVultur will be updating the objects to suit the new layout. We will be needing someone to do AIW and CAMS, so we are going to work to get the project to the point where we can do AIW/CAM related work. At that point, we will work on that and hopefully have a beta out. I'm projecting the beta release in mid-late summer, but this is just an estimate on my part. Also, the curbs are historically smaller in the 1996 season than 1997, however, I am going to release the 97 version first as this is what is completed as seen on the video. We are planning to release one road course layout in addition to the oval. The additional road course layouts will come in later versions.
Margaykarter87 on May-08-2009

Any update on when the final version will be released? I have been honing my skills on the Woodgreen circuit, but not the same as Miami! Any way to donate to push the project forward?
saultenian on Jan-29-2009

Looks great! But the curbs were much narrower in 1997.
fminus on Jan-04-2009

Road Course Video:
Margaykarter87 on Dec-31-2008

Oval Video:
Margaykarter87 on Dec-31-2008

Great news on the "mini-indy" version. I was posting to the website a few years back because they (tjerk) created the track for ICR2. I posted several issues and there was a flurry of posts of historic data on the track prior to it's NASCAR conversion. The absolute best resource for the track is in fact, the IMAX movie "Super Speedway". It is taken from the 1995 season, I believe, during pre-testing with amazing on track and distant views of grandstands, billboards and misc. objects. Just a thought. Cannot wait! Best of luck.

saultenian on Dec-29-2008

Yes, its the unique 4 corner layout with the "chutes" at each end of the track like Indianapolis. The track is finished but we are working on objects to make it look nice. Stay tuned.
Margaykarter87 on Dec-24-2008

Ok, is the the "mini indy" version so loved by the ICR2 crowd! If so, WOW! This is without a doubt, my favorite oval course. Completely ruined by the NASCAR boys! Cannot wait!

saultenian on Dec-02-2008

cool, the 1996 and 1997 oval is much better than what it is now. I hope you guys know the yellow curbs are much wider in 1996 than they were in 1997 on the oval turns. Good luck and thanks for making this!
fminus on Nov-18-2008

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