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Mettet 0

By: BSR-Twilight
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: TwilighT
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Screenie by: TwilighT
Screenie by: TwilighT
Screenie by: TwilighT
Screenie by: TwilighT

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My name is Twilight and im working on a well discussed track in my country. There where plans and everything was ok for the goverment to build the track but ...... the real problem was environmentalists :(

So i decided to make it happen in owr sim world
im looking for someone to help with the fysics. u can email me at - lookin forward to work with you.

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Je voulais juste savoir si le projet était tjs d'actualité ou pas ? Sinon est il possible de récupérer le travail déjà effectué afin de le terminé au plus vite... Merci.
katoen on May-16-2011

comme vus sur la video, la tracé n'est pas identique au circuit actuel, y aura t il une version "up to date"

bonne continuation
bipe on Jul-09-2010

Hello Twilight , I like you're video and I can't wait the track , I hope finally looks like in real life : , or in this new video : , Thank you , Ciao .
p.s. in you're video version the direction sense it's wrong.
cico76 on Apr-01-2010


just drive Mettet in real this week end, nice little track, very windy, wen will it be available?
bipe on Apr-01-2010

hallo, nice work. do you already have a driveable version of this track? I have a race with a formula-vee there at the end of march. perhaps you would be so kind to send me a pre-release so i can do some laps on this track before getting there in real life.
hintztrumental on Mar-17-2010

Magnificent, but attention on the sense(direction) of rotation. We turn(shoot) on this circuit in the inverse sense(direction) of the needles of one? Watch

Magnifique, mais attention au sens de rotation. Nous tournons sur ce circuit dans le sens inverse des aiguilles d'une? montre
fabdra on Mar-08-2010

Bonjour ou en est le circuit si vous avez besoin d'un testeur je peut le faire si interessé
naunaud329 on Mar-03-2010

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