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Miami Race - 02.Terminal Circle 1

By: Dzsezi
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 20-Oct-09
Current release: 1, on 20-Oct-09

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Screenie by: Ridge512
Screenie by: Ridge512
Screenie by: Ridge512
Screenie by: Ridge512
Screenie by: ascoliracer
Screenie by: ascoliracer
Screenie by: laccoo
Screenie by: laccoo
Screenie by: laccoo
Screenie by: laccoo

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GTA.Vice City converting.
The second trace.have fun.

Separate thanks the teknikai for help:

Lac Coo


The basis is necessary to the function of the orbit "Miami Race" release!!!


MiamiRace TEXT is a patch.

HIGH worked on a graphic setting only this far unfortunately this patch corrects the mistake.

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Awesome track. One of my new favorites.
Ridge512 on Oct-23-2013

Fun track, I love it. Having been chased down these streets many times by the police in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City it's really weird to race around I'm back in Vice City again.....perfect recreation of the roads......nice job
Dawnielle on Sep-08-2011

Originally posted by: LOL server

one question...why the yellow lines running along the "racing" surface?, no need for it.

It's a track using city streets. The yellow lines are the centre lines (or center, since it's in the US) that are on every road...
lazwatson on Jan-27-2010

Wow, It's a good idea. Anybody can do it with full map?
f1burning on Nov-26-2009

I cannot get this to work. But if we could free roam...... that would be awesome!!!
robby665 on Nov-03-2009

A city will be big.
Dzsezi on Oct-26-2009

Really promising. A bit fiddly (every file except the first has the wrong folder arrangement, you can't just dump the files) but very promising. Just one question: How hard would it be for you to release a versio where there are no boundaries? Don't worry about the track, we can always adjust the rules, it'd be nice to just roam the city streets without restrictions.
jubuttib on Oct-25-2009

Patch_text useless!
Still black squares around fences and palmtrees in DX7, on majority of palmtrees in DX8, every thing is perfect only in DX9! Sigh!
[NVidia 5950 Ultra]
trecinni on Oct-24-2009

It looks like a lot of REALLY good work has been tarnished by shabby and distracting excuses for trees and busy pavement paint. And get those police cars out of there! ...last thing I need to see when I'm trying to speed around city streets. This track has SERIOUS potential but needs to cleaned up a bit. A premature release I think.
Matsushita on Oct-23-2009

great tracks. still missing several things, but it is a great start. bit messy the download, why don't u simply call a new file 1.1 and avoid the "TEXT" patch and include the terminal track in the main Miami race? question...why the yellow lines running along the "racing" surface?, no need for it. anyways, thx for the tracks
LOL server on Oct-23-2009

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