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Mid America Motorplex 2

By: Cammel/Slider916/Bud Lucas
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 21-Nov-06
Current release: 2, on 07-Feb-09

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Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: DeadEyeski
Screenie by: DeadEyeski

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Mid America was originally created for SCGT by Porsche Guy from the scratch.
Is was originally converted to rF by Bud Lucas and Andy55.
Special thanks to derDumeklemmer for allowing the conversion of his 2.0 work for GTL to be converted back over to rF.
The 1.4 mile "D-Curve"-layout introduced in 2005 is also included.
- Working Start-/PitIn-/Pitoutlights
- Ingame .BIK videos
- Full featured AIW for 48 cars
- Multi texture environment mapping
- PorscheGuy for the original SCGT track

- Bud Lucas, and Andy55 for the original rF version

- Slider916 for conversion of GTL version back to rFactor

- Luigi for TV-CAMs

- Pain-less for the loading and thmb screens

- Cammel for the AIW's

Have a lot of fun with this nice track,
Slider916, Cammel, and Bud Lucas

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Sweet! Liked too much. 4.89273737327278337283 ranking lol
JorgeAbujamra on Feb-25-2009

Sooooo... it's not the track but rather the plugin
Pain-less on Feb-12-2009

For those having problems with this track and the MAP plugin addon...a new version of the Map has been just released today, and, besides having improved Map functions, it now works perfectly also with this track....
llucao on Feb-11-2009

Hi Vince,

Originally posted by: Vince Klortho
Virtua_LM made every single object in all of our tracks OURSELVES.

hehe, Touché!
Of course you're right, Virtua_LM is the exception.

OK, let's say "nearly" all scratch builder / converter are taking ready made text&meshes from the shelf :-)

derDumeklemmer on Feb-11-2009

Originally posted by: derDumeklemmer

Pls. consider:

- Where did all the 3d-spectators, video-trucks, cranes in the latest rF scratch builds come from?

Virtua_LM made every single object in all of our tracks OURSELVES.
Vince Klortho on Feb-10-2009

Fazerbox, who is working on the map plugin has issued a statement letting us know that the bug with the plugin and this track is being fixed and will be released in his next update. The plugin is not simply one to learn a track as the rude individual posted previously but to see where other vehicles are in relation to others on a track as well. Its a virtual spotter and has a place within the community. I urge us all to be polite to each other when communicating. Its very easy to sound like a pompeous person behind the shield of our keyboards. This is a great looking track, and I'm glad to have it in my collection for rFactor.
itgl72 on Feb-10-2009

thx for updating this track, i live a mile from it and can take pics if you would like them. the drag strip and road course is separate. it doesn't use the drag strip for pit road. it parallel to the long front straight and there are no trees, but the lay out is perfect
ramdart74 on Feb-09-2009

of course I totally agree with Vince that it is the decision of rfactorctral's administraion only to judge about the situation.

I personally can not believe that someone complains about some SimBin textures&objects in a rF-conversion.
If this leads into the situation that this conversion will be banned from rfactorcentral I guess you need to clean up the whole repository
since there are sooooooo many SimBin tex&meshes all over the files, otherwise the decision can not be taken serious.
So I can't imagine that this conversion (and all the other onces conaining SimBin stuff) will be kicked out from here.
I've seen such discussions at different sites too, some of them found a good policy regarding conversions, other sites don't, let's see how rfactorcentral will behave.
However, since I'm no really a rF-guy because my heart still belongs to GTL it doesn't really matter to me.
derDumeklemmer on Feb-09-2009

I've asked Pete to review the rules and procedures regarding this matter, and I will leave it up to him whether to pull the track or not.

We don't want to turn this in to an argument nor do we want to violate any rules regarding this site and simbin.

derDumeklemmer was kind enough to let us convert his work and release it to rF. We respect him very much, as he's allowed us to convert much of his work in the past for all of you to enjoy.

No one is at fault here. If anything just a misunderstanding.

If Pete chooses to remove the track links, then it will revert back to 1.0
slider916 on Feb-09-2009

Originally posted by: koolpapy
No conversion from SIMBIN to rFactor "here"

It's IMHO not a SimBin conversion just only because a couple of textures&objects from SimBin are used.

Pls. consider:
- What's about the copyright comment in google earth satellite views, I guess everybody is using them for scratch builds.

- Where did all the 3d-spectators, video-trucks, cranes in the latest rF scratch builds come from?

If you're really asking to be that strict, I guess you need to cut off at least 50% of the latest releases here in the repository!
Sorry, my 2 cents only...

derDumeklemmer on Feb-09-2009

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