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Mid-Ohio '07 Revisited 1

By: James Burroughs
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 05-Oct-07
Current release: 1, on 05-Oct-07

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Screenie by: BIGZYX50
Screenie by: BIGZYX50
Screenie by: KartShifter
Screenie by: KartShifter

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Well, I have some prior commitments and wont be able to finish the GPS version of MidOhio until after the new year. So I have been asked and asked , and asked to please release this version. So I decided to go ahead and let it go. The layout is not exactly accurate, but I went as far as I wanted, before I found out how to use the gps data to get the correct layout. This is still relatively close to the F1 layout, but it's allot closer that it was. As usual everyday is a learning process with MAX, so I decided to not attempt to fix this one any better, but rather spend the time on the new one. Some may say this is a conversion, but I assure you it is not, just look at the mesh, and the TSO's if you have and doubts. Here is read me........

Mid-Ohio '07 Revisited
A Track by James Burroughs.
October 4, 2007

Has Chicane and Straight Layout (Full)

All work by me, I made many new TSO's, and build the entire mesh in MAX8. This is NOT a conversion. I am currently working on a version which will be current layout from GPS Data. I have used some tso's from various track, but not vary many. I completely remade wall and fences. Pit area takes many liberties, but I thought this was the best way to accommodate the number of pits and garages I was asked to have. There are 40 pit stalls, and 3 garage stalls for each pit location, there will be no Doubling up of cars, there are no duplicate locations.

Score Tower works and accommodates 7 cars from 1st to 7th spot.

ALL DX Levels, and ALL Vision Groups are FULLY Supported.

PS: Materials are in ISI standards, ie: each part of the material is maped to a unique UV channel.

Stay Tuned for the next Version, due out after the first of the year. I am running behind on it because of prior commitments...

Mid-Ohio 2008

Thanks JB

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I love this track one of my favourite NA track. Great work some very tricky corrners very slipery even with traction full on. Always an exciting GP race.
Blisk on May-30-2013

Screenie by: BIGZYX50 is WRONG that's not Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course!
Subaru1980 on Aug-05-2012

where i can get previous version, non-revised?
cos on servers seems it still in use.
karlisss on Dec-16-2010

Hey this track is great but i tried to use my headlights but i cant see them lighten up the track.Could you fix this maybe ??? cause night racing is cool on this track thx
Dj Noize on Nov-29-2010

Very, very good!
leporello on Dec-02-2009

the pile up of historx cars in the screenshot is not Mid-Ohio... its Rouen-Les-Essarts.. (gold star) lol
THEDUMMY on Oct-15-2009

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