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Midfast 4

By: Burning Tm
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-Mar-09
Current release: 4, on 23-Jan-10

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Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

V4.0 Wet:
+Versión modificada para condiciones de agua, las texturas de agua, nubes y niebla son de SLN, gracias al tutorial Alex.

+This version has been modificated to wet races, water, clouds and fog are property of SLN, thanks to Alex.

+Nuevo en V3:
-Nuevas gradas + público.
-Nueva textura para el césped y para la grava.
-De 4482.5 metros a 4523 metros.
-Reajustado el consumo de combustible.
-Ajuste del archivo .CAM
-Nuevos muros.
-Reducido el tiempo de carga del circuito.
-Rebajados los antiatajos.
-Recalculado de los carteles de frenado.
-Circuito más detallado.

+New in V3:
-News steps and public.
-New texture to the grass and the gravel.
-From 4482.5 meters to 4523 meters.
-Fuel consumition recalculated.
-CAM file modified.
-News walls.
-Load time reduced.
-Antishortcut lowered.
-Signs of braking recalculated.
-More detailed circuit.

-CAM file modification.
+Nuevo en V2.1:
-Nuevos edificios.
-Nuevos exteriores del circuito.
-Semaforos: Salida, pit-in, pit-out.
-Nuevas boxes.
-Nuevo Paddock.
-Nuevas texturas.
-Más detalles.
-Ajustada la AIW.
-Eliminada la cámara del podio que mezclaba vistas.
-Pancartas ING.

+New in V2.1:
-New buildings
-New externals track.
-Lights: startlights, pit-in, pit-out.
-New boxes.
-New Paddock.
-New textures.
-More details.
-Adjustment of the AIW.
-Deleted the podium camera that mixed views.
-ING banner.
+Nuevo en V2.0:
-Nuevos pianos.
-Nuevas texturas.
-Nueva textura para la grava.
-Nueva textura para el público.
-Nuevas gradas.
-Nuevo podio.
-Más detalles.
-1 camara para el podio.

+New in V2.0:
-New ripples.
-New textures.
-New gravel textures.
-New public textures.
-New steps.
-New podium.
-More details.
-1 camera for the podium.

El circuito de Midfast has sido creado bajo licencia libre, puedes modificar la publicidad pero si vas a modificar algo del trazado por favor
contacta con
->4482.5 metros=4.5 km=2.79 miles
->1000 metros de recta
->16 curvas
->Capacidad para 40 vehículos, 30 oficiales y 10 auxiliares
->20 Boxes con 20 pits

The circuit Midfast have been created under free license, you can change the advertising but if you are revising some of the track please contact
-> 4482.5 meters = 4.5 km = 2.79 miles
-> 1000 meters of straight
-> 16 curves
-> Capacity for 40 cars, 30 officers and 10 auxiliary cars
-> Boxes 20 to 20 pits

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Slobbeman on Dec-22-2014

links are dead
zerodownforce on Dec-22-2014

Thanks checkerflagracer1 and THEDUMMY, now I will work in a wet version.
f1burning on Sep-06-2009

Well - a mans got to do what a mans got to do...I downloaded 2.1 just yesterday. This track and me have been going at it for many hours now (and currently the track is ahead). Finally decided since I could not drive with my eyes closed more than open (it's 2:03 am) I shut it down and thought I'd jump on here and take a quick look AND WHAT DID I SEE WITH HALF CLOSED EYELIDS - A NEW VERSION! Then I read THEDUMMY's comments and could not agree any more - "cherry on top" for sure. NICE WORK and THANK YOU! Must go now ----putting the coffee pot on - going to be a "WELCOME MR. SUN" morning now and considering such - that;s just fine by me!!! Again Thank You!
checkerflagracer1 on Sep-06-2009

funny this should pop up now, ive been giving this some serious hammer in the new toyota supra this week.. loved the first issues and this... well this is just the cherry on the top! Fantastic work and many thanks for your continued work. Its going hof for me now
THEDUMMY on Sep-05-2009

Thanks, I will continue working in this track
f1burning on Mar-21-2009

I love the lay out of this track. Could use a bit of polishing up but definitely a rewarding drive - I love all the "Blind brows". It is a great effort, it needs some small detailing - I hope you do more tracks; this one is a winner.

Thank you very much for your hard work,

Frapp on Mar-20-2009

nice track!! i love it!
santo20 on Mar-17-2009

What? It isn't the final version.
f1burning on Mar-15-2009

This is just a beta of beta
koolpapy on Mar-15-2009

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