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Mildura 0.60

By: Marlon24
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: marlon3
Screenie by: marlon3

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Beta 2 is just about ready for release.The pit lane will be fake though because cannot have in an out grids on rfactor

Beta 1

I am building the Mildura kart club track it is located in mildura south behind the airport about 10mins drive from the cbd. it is a great little technical track its 890 meters long and has a grid capasity of 32 karts. The tag 125 boys manage to get a lap done in about 36seconds with juniors running round in the 40s. Any suggestions would be much appricated as this is my first track there will be nothing graphiclly stunning about this track but will give it a go anyway.
please feel free to contact me

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Yeah i live in mildura too, was very surprised to see its name here!!! i agree about the kelly boys had a xmas party with them a few years ago, arrogant pricks, dont give them any recognition dude!
F1Aussie on May-25-2009

the kellys are ass holes marlon dont put a kelly corner they done derserve it they did nothing for this club
kosmic_kart on Mar-16-2009

Make sure u name a corner Kelly corner
scorpio015 on Mar-15-2009

Looks good m8 cant wait to give the World Karting mod a go round it.
ADF-Medic on Mar-14-2009

This is awesome mate!
I live in Mildura and would have never though anyone would make that track. Ever!
Cant wait for this one now
phasethree on Mar-13-2009

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