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Misano 2007-2009 0.10

By: batuka
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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The Misano World Circuit is a big motor theme park in the Riviera Romagnola. A place that hosts world sport events and that is a reference point for the widespread love for motors in the land of motors. It is situated few meters from the sea and near the hills and represents a masterpiece from the point of view of the efficiency and the reliability of the organization.
Not only sports events but also offers to all the companies that choose to join, in a successful way, the world of motors with their incentive, congressional and marketing initiatives. Every year the Misano World Circuit hosts the most spectacular two and four wheels sport competitions; it is an important showcase for the big industrial brands and gather, around the love for motors, over than 500 thousand people.

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Latest Misano 2007-2009 Comments

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Hello to everyone,

any news about this track?

Suomi on Apr-14-2010

LoL I guess that's my Default Question...

Any mentionable progress on the Track? Are you currently working on it? Or do you have other Projects at the Moment?
cico76 on Feb-05-2010

I'm looking forward to it! Every time I go to Misano is a happy day for me: it will be great to race on this track!
Uff on Jan-10-2010

thank you Batuka, F1 Romania Racing needs this circuit. RESPECT
f1romania on Jan-06-2010

I love it ! is my favourite circuit! I can't take it anymore!
NiCkro88 on Jan-06-2010

Thank You, Batuka , finaly somebody wants to do something here in rF, Keep it Up.
cico76 on Jan-06-2010

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