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Mitsubishi Racing Lancer 0.70

By: Keita and Friends
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Keita
Screenie by: Keita

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

I'm really happy that you enjoyed LeMons, my first mod.

But I'm not only a joke modder.
This is Mitsubishi RacingLancer mod, which took part in Dakar 2009.
Repsol skin and carbon skin is ready and some fantasy skins are being worked in progress.

Body, Tires, and some parts: Done
Skins by zooka and Keita
Physics by ASCARI
Sounds by C3-R2

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Awesome Car !
RDS on Jun-01-2009

no leaves.. only lots of sand, gravel & dirt!.. hehe. Really looking forward to this one!
KittX on May-14-2009

when leaves
denny123 on May-12-2009

koreha ii mod
ssss on May-06-2009


I was just racing LeMons over the weekend.

It looks good. I hope this makes it to release.
timex on May-05-2009

Finaly a dakkar car!
I tried to make a dakker mod by my self but i cant moddel
I realy looking forward to this one!
dutchsliks on May-05-2009

WOW! realy interesting proyect. i`m waiting for new. good look!!!!
lalo214 on May-04-2009

Looks very good and interesting, before you posted the screenshot i was thinking oh a rally lancer! But no weve got a dakar car! Woohoo
Madcowie on May-04-2009

Twooooot! Fantastic! Good luck with this project. Already requested this car for another much older game, but modder jumped out from the scene just before finishing the project.. Hopefully this one have better future. lol
zapman on May-04-2009

Really looking forward to trying it! Keep it up, guys!
CrazIvant on May-04-2009

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