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Mk2 Escort Challenge 2

By: Classic Mod Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 24-Dec-13
Current release: 2, on 24-Dec-15

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Screenie by: Murph
Screenie by: Murph
Screenie by: Murph
Screenie by: Murph
Screenie by: Murph
Screenie by: Murph
Screenie by: Murph
Screenie by: Murph
Screenie by: Classic Mod Team
Screenie by: Classic Mod Team

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

One of the most famous rally cars of all time. The Ford Escort Mk2. Winning world championships with drivers like Roger Clark, Hannu Mikola and Ari Vatenan the Escort has advanced through the years to still compete on the stages today.

Please run in DX9 mode only (Full Detail) and preferably on a clean rfactor installation.

Thanks to the Classic Mod Team and original authors.

Credits included in mod.

Keep er' lit :)

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