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Mo I Rana 1.10

By: S.Moss
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 17-Jan-08
Current release: 1.100, on 03-Apr-08

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Screenie by: rFPlanet
Screenie by: rFPlanet
Screenie by: Pain-less
Screenie by: Pain-less
Screenie by: Pain-less
Screenie by: Pain-less
Screenie by: S.Moss
Screenie by: S.Moss
Screenie by: S.Moss
Screenie by: S.Moss

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MoiRana rFactor v1.1

The original F1-2002 track was build by Tommy Rustad, declared as Beta and opend for anyone to finish.
Gmilno fixed the open issues and released it for GTR.

This version based on the GTR version of by Gmilno.
His original GTR readme included as well as the GTL readme.


- Tommy Rustad for his original F1-2002 version

- Gmilno for his GTR version.

- derDumeklemmer for his GTL updates

CREDITS in v1.1:

What's been updated:

- Changed the track name from MoiRana to Arctic Circle Raceway to resemble the track's real name.

- Added rolling starts to the aiw file and basic tweaks.

- Fixed spelling errors to the GDB file.

- Fixed missing RGB enteries to the GDB file.

- New loading screens.

- New skies.

- Graphic updates and tweaks.

- Added Max AIW 32 limit to GDB file.

- New starting lights.


P.s i would prefer you to download from the rapidshare link as it helps with premium points, obviously you are free to get it from other links :)

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Gonna test this one after a tip for being a great track, tnx for all the work guys
uncels on Jun-29-2010

I think there is something shabby with the track model. When driving at the track 3weeks ago with a stock Opel omega caravan 3.0L (175hp), i managed laptimes of 2:00.54. In game i do 1:50 with the ZR raised to 13.5cm ride heigth, +3 degrees of camber, all springs and damping at lowest settings and using road tires. Setup was made to match the Omega as close as possible. Turn 1 and the shikane feels WAY more scary for real!!!

I`m not really sure where the track is wrong but i suspect the shikane and T4-T5(north pole) to be a bit wide.
Could maybe be som friction coefficient too as i doubt those two corners eat up that much time.

Otherwise, awesome job, love that track and can`t wait till next trackday.
hoohoo on Jun-23-2010

My favorite test track for new mods!
kiro54 on Oct-31-2009

it's an great track great challange in it great job guys
jero on Feb-08-2009

S.Moss being 'Sam Moss'? As in Sam Moss from R2P?
cashewboy on Jan-26-2009

how the hell did i miss this, I LOVE THIS TRACK. THNX DUDES
chinorenaultf1 on Nov-20-2008

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