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Modding@Max 1.01

By: Virtua_LM

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: dimasm11o
Screenie by: dimasm11o

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This plugin for 3DSMax offers a quickest access to some current modding functions like welding, smoothing, collapsing stack. The main purpose is to save mouse clicks and then time to modders.
Have a special look at the [Auto-detach] function that saves a lot of time for the smoothing operation.

The installation is the same than the GMT2-Wizard script. Because this version is an early beta, no help is provided with the tool right now. All your questions and issues can be reported on our forum.

02-14-2008 : version v1.01 (new look and feel / new features / help)

10-20-2007 : version v0.96 (correction of bugs on mesh functions)

10-14-2007 : version v0.95

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