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Modern Aintree Circuit 0.40

By: plato97
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Screenie by: plato97
Screenie by: plato97

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I've had a bit of a play about with BTB in the past but without any real success mainly due to getting bored by attempting to take on a too large a project or just not being satisfied with the results.

Anyway, doing a bit of random Googleing ( if that wasn't a word it is now), as you do, I got into the history of the old GP track at Aintree. While looking at satellite images of the area i noticed that the majority of the course was still visible and in
fair condition, then I had a random though - I wounder what the track would be like today if the GP circuit was still used on a regular basis.Then I had another thought (I was on a roll here), I have BTB and Google Earth so why not make it so.

I never intended to make an exact replica of Aintree as its too much work and beyond my skills but more of my interpretation of a modern GP facility there. I will within the limits of my skills try to include recognizable features and structures like the very close wall along the Canal Straight, the existing horse racing grandstands (won't be the same structures but as near as i can get using what i can be found) and the roads at Anchor and Melling crossings.

There are two tracks included, a "Grand Prix" Version with a chicane on the back straight before Waterways to reduce speeds and a "National" layout for slower cars without the chicane.

As this is an ongoing project progress may be slow so bear with me.

V0.5 (WIP)
Known Issues/////

- There may be some frame rate/slow down issue on certain parts of the circuit for

those with low end pc's, I have yet to find the cause of this or a solution

- The majority of objects suffer from pop up and poor draw distances, this was in part

due to the sub standard (crap) laptop I am working from and as an experiment/temp

solution for the frame rate/slow down issues

- As with alot of Bobs Track Builder Created circuits the AI are often way of the

pace and sometimes take odd lines into corners

- Some objects are not collidable or drivable when they should be, this is a mistake

that will be fixed in time

- The chicane on the Grand Prix layout is an ongoing developent as I can't decide how

it shoud be layed out, it will probably change several times before I'm satisfied

with it

Things being worked on for next version///////

- Fix blurred textures
- Better AI
- Better Cams
- Re-configuring GP chicane
- More track side objects
- Draw distances and frame rate
- Fix collideable/drivable objects

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I regret to announce that due to a number or unforeseen events I am unable to make any further progress on Aintree. After moving house twice in the last 6 months and having a stolen laptop and as well as a failed hard drive in my desktop I have lost all the BTB project and source files. I'm afraid I simply do not have the time nor the will to try to reproduce what I did.
plato97 on Nov-04-2013

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