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Modern Showroom 2

By: Maciex

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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! UPDATED README ! Fully working !

for HQ screenshots visit homepage :

ReadMe v 1.0 by Maciex
- sligtly upgraded graphics
- added rFm .bik files for use with custom mods and floor
- use standard OR rFm installation , otherwise useless

STILL 2 versions

just replace the files but first backup those
thank you for using my mod

THANKS goes to :
people from RaceSimCentral for help (Pain-less / others) and
MMG Mak Modding Group for given permision to use the showrom floor (floor is from MMG F1 demo - thank you Yanden)

i hope you enjoy it as much as me :)

1) also if you like to use this showroom floor for other mods you will need to place the file 'showroom.mas' in the mod folder (Vehicles) for example :
..... rFactor/GameData/VehiclesEpsilonEuskadi etc

2) if you would like to use the background to other mods you will need to place the file 'UIbkgd.mas' in the mod folder (UIData) for example like this ..... rFactor/UIData/EpsilonEuskadi

3) and also if you like to be sure that mod will run in every single other mod delete the bik file in rfm folder coresponding to the mod for example in this folder .... rFactor/rFm remove 'EpsilonEuskadi.bik'

now its all done have fun

however i dont do this because some fine mods also have their own good showroom and background like MMG F1 2007 but the choice is yours :)

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I tried to install this and I can't load now the game anymore. The error is "Internal URL proxy serve does not responding". What should I do? I contacted support who write my paper for me and they told me to re-install it.
ostinfarrel on Mar-17-2017

welcome evryone , well i am the author of this mod and i really like the idea , lots of people still likes it , thats why i will propobly try to recreate this mod to version 2.0 , for now i can provide you a working link for version 0.92 , this one is also cool maybe i will bring some new versions , thank You guys for apreciation , so here is the working link , for You all
maciejpytel9075 on Feb-18-2016

no links?
Rage9one on Nov-08-2014

anyone know of a working link?
woofgm on Apr-24-2013

replace values Reflect = True ??with Reflect=False in the spinne.rgen
nicola16 on Nov-06-2012

download 2.0 mate it will satisfy you ,
maxs on Jun-03-2011

anyone knows which version is the one with the f1 cars???
Dj Noize on Jan-12-2011

@klaudius - same. Missing SPHERE IIRC.

That MeganeV6 has a borked overrides your track locations directory! And restets it to the default!!! How useful huh? DO you mind!!!!! WTF! It also has a corrupt line that seems inadvertently remed out.
the_last_name_left on Jul-14-2010

don't work with MeganeV6, background loaded but cars not
anyone know why?
Klaudius on Jul-13-2010

i just like it, nothing else , and it looks good , and it was made for this mod in my first thought
maxs on Mar-07-2010

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