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Monaco 2005/06 0.40

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Neidryder
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Screenie by: Neidryder
Screenie by: Neidryder
Screenie by: Neidryder

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Monaco of season 2005/2006. Complete done from scratch.

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No "WRL Monaco 2010" is a modified version of Frank Alexandre's track
And the speed pumps in turn 1 still should not be there
Lighthorse on Aug-15-2012

Also there are far too many speed bumps, in real life there are none at Turn 1...

Also, there are Armco/Metal Walls where they don't exist, like Turn 1, which is dangerous because it blocks off the run off.

Maybe i'm being an idiot, assuming this is trying to emulate 2010, but if it's actually what Monaco was like in 2005/2006, well done.

Like I said, I got "WRL Monaco 2010" - which I think might be a modified version of this - which was a bad idea - because they left a bunch of walls in that don't exist in real life.

As usual I expect CTDP to do an amazing job, but I don't know why you'd make a 2005/2006 version, instead of 2010.
doser on Aug-30-2010

However, the detail is lovely.

It's just a shame detail doesn't make a track - the track surface does.

The kerb at swimming pool is above the ground, so the car nearly flips when you hit it.

The pit lane is miles too wide, it's like 2 times wider than real life.

The pit entry is wrong, but that's OK because if it's a 2005/2006 version it's probably right.

But I got the "WRL Monaco 2010" - and if that is the same as this version, it's not very close to real-life yet.
doser on Aug-30-2010

Nice attempt, but this version is horrible to drive at the moment.

The bump down the hill before Turn 5/6 is DISGRACEFULLY big, I took off in an F1 car and went over the barrier.

Also the corner before the tunnel is MILES TOO OPEN.

The hills are absolutely massive all around the track, and it doesn't really resemble real life.

You'll need to flatten a lot of the bumps and hills before it seems like real life.
doser on Aug-30-2010

Hi, have any WIPS/BETAS been released?
feepit684 on Jun-20-2010

hi ctdp team do you have any news for this fantastic track ? we need your monaco track because all version released for rfactor are suking and it's conversion from f1c ... plz finish your fantastic track
rossini46 on Apr-13-2010

Hello , any news please ? , after bahrein i guess monaco will be a fanstastic track from CTDP. ( be carrefull in turn 3 Massenet and in turn 5 Mireabeau Haute there is herbs ) Thanks for all.
cico76 on Mar-08-2010

any news ,please ? don't forget the herbs in turn 3 : Massenet and turn 5 Mirabeau , thank you for all you're work ( bahrein look fantastic )
cico76 on Mar-08-2010

The 2006 version has been released - as I wrote - as a BETA on the 8th birthday of CTDP. There is still work going on for a final release.
mcfritt on Aug-02-2009

Bahrain is released long time ago.
Firefox on Jul-24-2009

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