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Monaco New Layout 1.10

By: Frank Alexandre
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 20-May-07
Current release: 1.100, on 21-May-07

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Screenie by: ricsi01
Screenie by: ricsi01
Screenie by: nEoDaViS
Screenie by: nEoDaViS
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: TheKrzychoo1996
Screenie by: TheKrzychoo1996
Screenie by: vince0619
Screenie by: vince0619

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This is the Monaco track originally converted from GP4 by the GPC team, who included the 79 layout with the superb mod covering the same year. The permission has been granted from Motorfx to release this modified version.

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Track Layout
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Realistic Track Surface
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I've seen red bull using this exact version with 2011 updates, anyone have it?
TommySmith on May-11-2015

download now,thank you very much,i like Monaco,and track too,legend for me.
dvittael on Feb-17-2013

Hi, great track.. Anyone that loves F1 would love this... In my HOF....

Was wondering if anyone can help me...been playing rfactor for a while now with no problems.. Have downloaded many mods and tracks, with no problem. But now its saying " "error loading texture road1 for material ROADSPAA" for every track in game, downloaded or not.. Doesn't make sense, because it was working fine. DYING to have a race, CAN ANYONE HELP ME? Someone else out there must have had this same problem at some point..
JamesDeGreat on Sep-25-2012

Originally posted by: brüsi1993

It gives no rain at the sky ... only a wet track

can anyone help

sorry for my bad english

What wet track ??? I do not see a choice for a wet track
Lighthorse on Aug-15-2012

I'm downloading now to play with the mod megane trophy looks good track! regards
cokemaster on Jul-06-2012

I didn't expect that New layout means 4-5 years old layout!!!? :-(
dnsoft on Jun-04-2012

Check youtube, this is the version that Redbull use in their simulator.

Just search for redbull webber simulator monaco. Its the same track.
gold333 on Sep-27-2011

@brüsi1993: there's something in this world, that is called photoshop...
morerace on May-31-2011

But there is rain at the last picture
brüsi1993 on May-30-2011

because in rfactor isn't real rain. it's impossible in this game
lelu0 on May-30-2011

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