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Montes Test Track 1

By: Formidable
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 23-Jan-12
Current release: 1, on 23-Jan-12

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Screenie by: formidable
Screenie by: formidable

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

This is my best track. The track are inspired to Brands Hatch Proposal extension track.
The track are created by Bobs Track Builder and other Xpacks.
Please, don't upload the track or files to other website without my permission.
For more information, please, read the README file.
Enjoy it.
Montes, Montes Motors, Montes Cars, Montes Sports, Montes Sport, Pirelli, Avon, dunlop and other logos and trademarks are registered.

P.D: Please, any question or suggestion, contact me or for upload in other website, contact me to or in this post threat.

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More historic skins please!! For me, the fictional, F1-inspired skins just don't fit there.
newstart027 on Nov-30-2016

My worst track is a one without grandstants, overlapping corners and other.
I am working to a new project.
(sorry for my bad english, I am Spanish).
formidable on Jan-31-2012

It is a nice flowing track.

Try to work a bit on the environment. Look at other tracks or look at some real tracks.

Also try to figure out how to change the textures on your walls. BTB has some help files look at them.

I will send you a example track tomorrow. A simple one, with some features you can try out.
erwin greven on Jan-25-2012

Originally posted by: erhard

when I read that it is your best track, I wonder how is your worst.

How about not being a jerk and either say thank you or keep your mouth shut. What have you contributed to the Sim Community, other than juvenile comments like this?
vondutch51 on Jan-24-2012

erhard, I would love to see your work, dumbass
cesniper on Jan-24-2012

Quite nice to race man, but very sad looking environmment. Sorry!
moppelino on Jan-24-2012

when I read that it is your best track, I wonder how is your worst.
erhard on Jan-24-2012

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