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Montreal 1997 WCP 1

By: Marneus the boss and Tommychampion
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 16-Feb-09
Current release: 1, on 16-Feb-09

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Screenie by: F1WCP
Screenie by: F1WCP
Screenie by: cosm1
Screenie by: cosm1
Screenie by: F1WCP
Screenie by: F1WCP

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Montreal meets WCP F1 1997.

First WCP track available soon.

Create by Marneus The Boss; improved by Tommychampion.
And Cams by Luigi

Thanks a lot for theese guys.


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mike27466 on Dec-11-2009

mike27466 on Dec-06-2009

im not gonna bother replying to that mike.. although most of it is wrong.. lol

Conversions are generaly from other platforms which means permission IS required..
its a matter of respect when planning on ripping the guts out of someone elses hard work to release as ones own to at least ask first!!!
& give credit to the original author/s...

far to many 'mods' / 'tracks' now are ripped from others work.. nothing is original anymore..

there are names here on RFC who produce hi quality original works (from scratch) and rightly earn the respect of the community

i think if more folks agreed and believed what you just posted we'd all be up sh!t creek without a paddle..
THEDUMMY on Dec-05-2009

mike27466 on Dec-05-2009

Sorry, but the main sponsor of the 1997 Canadian Grand Prix was Player's Ltée not Air Canada, so your Adverts are wrong.
schumifriend on Feb-25-2009

Good track.
EAKMotorsports on Feb-16-2009

this is a new link for download:
marneus_the_boss on Feb-16-2009

If your after accurate tracks for the 97 season GP4 is your best sim. It may be easier to covnert F1C tracks but they are quite innacurate. Gp4 tracks were built with GPS data so at least they have some accuracy.

p.s your jerez track was made by tantra for gtr, which was then converted to F1C (author i do not know) so tantra is the guy you need to contact for permission (he rarely gives out conversion permission).
S.Moss on Feb-16-2009

Hi all, wasn't me have compacted the track, so I upload a version who have the F1_1997 folder.
that's the link:
marneus_the_boss on Feb-16-2009

That's stupid to have to create this F1 1997 folder. Why didn't you put it in the archive ? Appart from that the track is average, not really good but still raceable.
Kimi on Feb-16-2009

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