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Mooroolbark Street Circuit 0.90

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Welcome to ORIONRaceTeam's first Bob's Track Builder made track.

This one is called Mooroolbark Street Circuit (or Mooza B for short), located around the suburb of Mooroolbark, in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

This tight, twisty, undulating street circuit will test the best out of the drivers, in concentration and patience. With concrete walls always surrounding you, you will pay the ultimate price for running offline here. With the characteristics of Monaco and the surrounding houses of the Isle of Man, it should make for some absolutely great and edge of your seat racing.

I have decided, since my modeling skills are limited, to turn this Fantasy Suburban Street Circuit into a Fantasy City Street Circuit.

Construction started on the beta phase of the track on the 29th June, 2009. Pre Alpha and Alpha testing has been done by Ronen Erulkar, Matt Scott and Peter Read.

Alpha testing has finished on the 14th August 2009, with good results. Beta testing has started as of the 16th August 2009, so grab your copy of Mooza B right now!

**Specail Thanks to Krunch for the Tree Textures.**
**Specail Thanks to dosGraphix for the City 3d models. [You can find his Basic City XPack at]**


Known Bugs:

- Cars from Pit Garages turn straight into the armco on the other side.
- Mostly AIW bugs with AI cars.
- Some graphical errors.
- Some track joining failures.
- Some missing run off areas.


If you are getting a very low FPS, try turning down the shadows. They normally cause a huge FPS hit to the Bob Track Builder tracks.

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Latest Mooroolbark Street Circuit Comments

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king001 on Sep-19-2018

If anyone could model a house it would be a big help to add to the realism. At the moment there are skyscrapers which arent really accurate for the location Lol.
nothing07 on Aug-16-2009

dude, seriously, let me know, i live there. If you need a beta tester, i know the place backwards!!!

Which part of Mooroolbark are you doing, the rail Bridge at Hull & Moorolbark Roads would be good to include, make for interesting deep braking coming down the hill!!!
andrewkd on Aug-05-2009

Will watch this with interest. Does it come complete with the local Hoons lol
YZ250 on Aug-04-2009

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