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Morgan Park Raceway 0.70

By: croc and Blue_dog
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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this is a track from Scratch of the Morgan Park Raceway in Queensland,still at early stage
Update: First I`ll explain how i made the track:
1:I started in google earth,found morgan park raceway.Made a new path,mapped the track every metre or close to it,which took me hours,that gave me the GPS data.I saved it as a KML file.So far this hasn`t giving me the height data.
2:So to get the height data I transfered the file from kml to gpx ,which I use GPS visualizer.
3:Now I use 3d route builder to give me the height ,bumps etc data.Then i save back into kml format and upload to btb
So to to answer a couple i got from ppl testing for us.The track hasn`t got the ext to it as itsn`t complete yet and not on goolge earth.I didn`t want to guess as I`m tring to get it exact .For the track being narrow thats an easy fix

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Hi, How are things going with this? Can't wait to have it as part of a championship.
Keep up the good work!!
bwp85 on Oct-17-2011

it's fantastic to see another Aussie track in development, I hope it appears sometime soon!
brchi17 on Aug-13-2011

Great to see MP finally getting done. I've been there many times and would love to help if i can.

Have you looked at or spoken to Bill Campbell?

Bill runs the track and has all the survey data, he designed the extensions.
David Paterson on Apr-05-2011

are you doing the new extentions as well local track for me hope it is finished soon
pedro16 on Aug-03-2010

Great track, hope it gets finished!
saboteur on Apr-27-2010

hey guys. Good too see someone is doing Morgan Park.
Any ideas on when it will be playable??
Thanks in advance
crusin_xt on Apr-24-2010

Hey mate I too have started making this track,
i can show you what i have done so far if you wan to join forces on this one.


contact me on

mfroble on Apr-09-2010

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