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MossCreek 1

By: J-Man
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 30-Jan-09
Current release: 1, on 30-Jan-09

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Screenie by: jeremy12
Screenie by: jeremy12
Screenie by: jeremy12
Screenie by: jeremy12
Screenie by: jeremy12
Screenie by: jeremy12
Screenie by: jeremy12
Screenie by: jeremy12
Screenie by: jeremy12
Screenie by: jeremy12

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Ok So here is Moss Creek A Fantasy Off Road Track. Its Main Purpose is for "Online" Racing. The AIW cant clear some of the jumps so i will work on a update in the future for offline racing.

Thanks To Madcowie For The Textures

Thanks To All Testers

And Thanks Pete For RFC.

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Track Layout
Racing Line
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Moss Creek Version 1.0 FIXED link is dead.
SuperFreak on May-07-2009

I like the track. If there was to be any more updates I would like to see the run up to the 2nd jump extended a few more metres more. Extend the hairpin maybe. It's a bit hard getting to the otherside of the jump.
Thanks for track.
DJCruicky on Feb-14-2009

Finally ran here today in the VORRA buggies, they come up short on the rock jumps if you don't get a good line, can't wait to test the trucks here at some point.
tromoly on Feb-05-2009

Thats Funny its the Crandon "Grip" ill play with it.
jeremy12 on Jan-30-2009

Hi all how r doing? Ok, liked this track in general, had fun over there, but the physicis quite a little strange, doesnt appears mud ok? But I liked good track
RICK_DEV on Jan-30-2009

is this supposed to feel muddy? It feels like the truck gets bogged down, I have troubles making it over the jumps, and the truck doesn't accelerate like it does at other ORR tracks.
quic vic on Jan-30-2009

Hey Guys, I had to Make a Fixed Version so that all of the startlights work sorry for the troubles.
jeremy12 on Jan-30-2009

I bet this would be very pretty covered in snow (hint-hint)
NathanRitchie72 on Jan-20-2009

Hey Guys Welcome Hope You Enjoy The Pictures
jeremy12 on Jan-20-2009

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