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Moto 0.99

By: Bassguy
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 08-Aug-07
Current release: 0.990, on 08-Aug-07

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Screenie by: Holmis
Screenie by: Holmis
Screenie by: bassguy
Screenie by: bassguy
Screenie by: bassguy
Screenie by: bassguy
Screenie by: bassguy
Screenie by: bassguy
Screenie by: bassguy
Screenie by: bassguy

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Moto is an updated recreation of my original SCGT track that I first released in 2002. More of a bumpy dirt road course with a few jumps thrown in than an actual CORR type track, Moto offers some good fast door bangin' action.

I haven't had much time to work on this lately, so I've decide to release it as a public beta. Small performance tweaks in the TDF & AIW files may or may not be needed before the final release. Otherwise, it is fully functional and ready to race.

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enable on Dec-11-2018

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MakaiLance on Nov-16-2018

I like this track, probably because I like wide open dirt tracks where you can slide around turns fast. And the jumps are just right. The surface is nice as is the layout.....the turns aren't too sharp...a good mix.

The only problem is that first turn. I;ve tried this track with the ORR trucks, the WCORR trucks and umm...well...I'm not sure what cars....basically a tricked out BMW that comes with rFactor maybe? In every case, the AI will hit the immovable tire on the indies of the first turn. Not all of them, but if you run a race for more than say...10 laps, and depending on your settings, you will be 'last truck standing'.

If that one thing was fixed, I'd give the track much higher marks.
Great start though!
painterskip on Feb-14-2009

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