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MotoFactor 0.40

By: Petykafiam and Birkuc (promoter only!)
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
Progress Bar:

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Birkuc
Screenie by: Birkuc
Screenie by: Birkuc
Screenie by: Birkuc
Screenie by: Birkuc
Screenie by: Birkuc
Screenie by: Birkuc
Screenie by: Birkuc
Screenie by: Birkuc
Screenie by: Birkuc

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MotoGP mod / MotoFactor - 2 wheeler vehicles in a 4 wheeler simulator game! This is the REAL MIRACLE! Maybe not the best, but probably the MOST SPECIAL MOD EVER! Coming soon... ;-)

mod name: MotoFactor
modder: Petykafiam
promoter: Birkuc (

actual progress is about: 45%

series: 2009 MotoGP season OR a Fantasy league, not decided yet!
release date: "when its done", probably in 2-3 months

mainly scratch made, and based on:
rFactor basic by ISI
GP500 by Microprose

no release yet, only videos and screenshots, please be patient



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it's just the yaw steering bike left and right direction without turning the sterring wheel,still now not finish this mod.i think in the end of world will be,and it will be too late to enjoy wit it.
dvittael on Jul-24-2015

Valamelyik oldalról le lehet még szedni a módot?
zoli96 on Apr-12-2014

now i don't wait tis mod because i think it's will be never finish yet,it's not's like you promise some one and run away.
dvittael on Jan-08-2014

2014 and not finish,WOW Signal.may be,if some one help him.
dvittael on Jan-07-2014

Hi Petykafiam,
We all are waiting eagerly for the release of the mod. Please publish a beta version but first, then we notice the wait a little easier. If there are only 2 or 3 times the driver.
Greeting Addy
Addy on Jun-07-2012

is there any way that you can bring out a beta version...????
please do so....but please add my friend,and great motogp racer
Marco simoncelli.....
the mod will be a tribute to him...and all the riders of all classes....
superb will have to release it...
CrazyghostE313 on Apr-16-2012

Hi Guys... any news on the develop? could be released an easy beta, just to contribute? thnx
jarnozaffelli on Apr-11-2012

c'mon dudes,this is the last piece of the puzzle,the PERFECT SIMULATOR don't give up.....
gianni231283 on Oct-13-2011

how long to this is done
byran on Sep-19-2011

noooooooooo........muy bueno ....para cuando estara listo?
fraann on Aug-06-2011

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