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Motor Mile Speedway 0.95

By: ARSA Racing League and Shaughn McCormick, Parker Hammons
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Oval Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: parkerhammons
Screenie by: parkerhammons

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.416 Asphalt Oval located in Radford, Virginia converted from Nascar Racing 2003 Season to rFactor.

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Is this track dead in the water!!! Or are you just not going to release it to the public! I've been waiting for this track for a while now so will you please release it!!! Thanks Bubba
BigBubbaDirt on May-14-2010

Any news on a release date for MMS yet? Thanks!
BigBubbaDirt on Jul-21-2009

Originally posted by: spmracing

Complete. for download. (Should be up today))

Still haven/t found Motor Mile Speedway and I have been on here looking for it for months after you said it was finished. And i tried the ARSA website but but lord they don't have anything on there about! All that I want is a chance to play on a track that i have raced on in person!!! Thanks & GOD BLESS!!! BUBBA
BigBubbaDirt on May-15-2009

I'm trying to find the speedway as well. All the links for downloads lack having motor mile, plus they are all dead links. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I too live close to MMS.
CC16 on Mar-25-2009

I was just wondering where the track is i go to website and your forum everyday and can't find it so. I would like for you to give us an update or a link to the track!PLEASE And thankyou!!!
BigBubbaDirt on Mar-03-2009

Originally posted by: spmracing

Complete. for download. (Should be up today))

I haven't found the link for this track yet spm can you help me i live about 35 miles away from motor mile and would love to run some legends on it to!!! Thank you very much! Bubba

my email is
BigBubbaDirt on Jan-08-2009

Complete. for download. (Should be up today))
spmracing on Jan-01-2009

Sorry its been so long, its almost complete!
spmracing on Jan-01-2009

Any news on this track!!! Please
BigBubbaDirt on Nov-20-2008

HELLO!!!!!!! Anyone here???? Why is no-one answering me??? Does my computer have bad breath or something??? PLEASE let us have a update for this track!!!!!! Thank you!!! LOL
BigBubbaDirt on Sep-22-2008

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