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Mountain Sprint Four Season 1.10

By: outrunner
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 16-Nov-06
Current release: 1.100, on 28-Nov-06

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Screenie by: Matiozo18
Screenie by: Matiozo18
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: j.j. lehto 92
Screenie by: j.j. lehto 92
Screenie by: Balanesko
Screenie by: Balanesko

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Soon on your rFactor installation this track that I made for netKar namie some years ago. For this release, I've created something special: seasons.
You can drive on track in every season of the year (spring, summer, autumn and winter) with different environment, grip on surfaces and illumination.

1.1 Update:

1. Fix for purple tree in winter season

2. Fix for tree walls mapping

3. Fir for writes too high respect the road

4. Fix for pitbug

5. Fix for fuel usage

6. Improved and new Pitline

7. Improved grip on winter

8. Improved shadows

9. Added sidewalks on left turns to avoid cheating

10. Textures are now in DDS format, improving loading and performances

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The 4 season track is amazing you have done some excellent work but somehow the first link is forbidden? But overall the work on the 4 season is excellent
Drturbo246 on Apr-09-2015

Thank you very much, Ridge512.
franciscomb on Nov-03-2013

The cars are from the Shift Street mod which comes with 70 different production cars and has another 90+ cars made by modders for the mod. You can find it on F1Classic.
Ridge512 on Jul-27-2013


I'm very interested in these cars too. Where can I download them?

Thanks in advance.
franciscomb on Jan-08-2013

Does anyone have the 1.0 ver. of this track?
DjMC on Jun-20-2011

where can i download this bmw?
Stefan007 on Feb-15-2011

Hey, beautiful track!
Please, can you send me a pm and show me, where you got that cars in you screenshots? The BMW E36 and the Porsche etc. PLEASE!!
whitman91 on Sep-12-2010

Super !!! Beautyful scenery and very nice to drive ( especially in winter night ) Unfortunately there still is problem with AI in pit lane :-( They crash everytime they go to pits. I hope there will be 1.2 with fixed aiw. Thanks.
bartix on Oct-20-2008

all 5 *

henrystrife on Aug-23-2008

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