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Multi install Launcher 4090

By: Seven Smiles

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Seven Smiles
Screenie by: Seven Smiles

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2014 version V1.1.12 for Win7.

I found that there are two Game Controllers dialogues under Win7 64 bit and only the 64 bit one works with my G25.

I also made an internal change that reduces the processor usage (to "minimal") while it's waiting for the rFactor session to finish.


One click selects the mod you want from several installs.
A second click selects from your favourite servers (or off-line), supplying the password.
If you want to a third click changes the rotation of your G25/G27 and runs through the Game Controllers dialogue to activate it (it's remembered for each mod and automatically changed if necessary before launching rFactor).

A final click launches rFactor and connects to the server you selected.

Setting up in the first place is simple: click 'Browse for root' and find the folder where you keep all your installs. rFLauncher instantly finds all mods and is ready to run. Each time you start the program it scans again so any new mods will be added (or deleted ones removed) automatically.

It's designed to be lightweight and simple to use.

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Track was abandoned for a while but after intensiver work, it was reopened with a new 3000m layout in 2013. This is that new layout.
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

Originally posted by: EAKMotorsports

funny thing that to the same what my friends launchers do.

Except it doesnt need java.
Thx for this great tool!
BlkJello on Jan-09-2014

funny thing that to the same what my friends launchers do.
EAKMotorsports on Jan-06-2014

This is a great utility works excellent on my win7 64 with 6 installs and 60 mods

enfield on Aug-04-2013

I've installed this but it does nothing!
I've shown it where my 'root' directory is and it show's up 'rFactor' in the left hand column but I don't get a list of any mods......or a list of anything come to that.
jon157uk on Feb-17-2012

It started out as automating setting the G25 rotation so I wrote it using AutoIt. It grew a bit from there.
Seven Smiles on Aug-14-2011

Looks good. (Haven't tried it) What did you use to write this btw?
the_last_name_left on Aug-12-2011

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