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Mythic Scorpion 0.30

By: Samoth
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: samoth.samoth
Screenie by: samoth.samoth

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

The Scorpion is back...

This mod is an anthem to the return of Abarth.

Will be released with stock 150 and 180 bhp versions, with S2000 RallyCross version and a fantasy GPuntoCup.

--- Technical precisions ---

Because Grapic Cards and Processors technologys are more and more powerfull, I've decided to make a MOD without too much restictions in its graphic render. That's why Car Models will be over 30 000 polys and maps size at 2048*2048 or 1024*1024.

Off course, some optimisations will be make in order to have the MOD runs the smoother.

It's just my personnal opinion, but if all of us spent a lot of money, just for having our framerate increasing from 80 fps to 120 fps, I think it's a loose of money. I prefer having the quality of the game increasing, because it's in this way that we feel more and more a real "gentleman" driver.

For me, the game experience is much more important that just saying " Hey DUDE !!!! I've spent 500 dollars and now I can claim that I've the biggest framerate of the world in Rfactor !!!" ;-)

........So.........Let's pass some time to see if I was right in my opinion.....I have to work on my MOD, and show you that is possible to have an big game experience without having 150 FPS ! ;-)

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Hi, i´ve got a standard Abarth GP and i´d like to help testing physics, beacuse it´s a very interesting project. I have it for 6 months and have it driven on circuit. If you could send me the latest version you have (, I would try and tell you how much it resembles reality .
robefumi on May-21-2010

hi,nice work...i have some question about 3d models...please contact me on gmail ('m italian and you'r work it's very interesting.
lepperlegend on Jan-20-2010

hi could you upload the car only to test it????? please respod me
candia on Dec-12-2009

any news???? please!
maini94 on Aug-24-2009

Hi,i happy driven of a GP ,when you tink would it be relised?
lelefull on Aug-10-2009

When would it be relised? I just cant wait for it...
lukaslukas6 on Aug-01-2009

any news??? thanks
anx92 on Jun-02-2009

any news????? thanks
anx92 on Jun-02-2009

When the mod will be ready???Great mod I want a mod with all s2000 rally cars......
Paolino99 on Jan-19-2009

you make fron traccion??
vwmga on Dec-10-2008

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