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NAGT 1.60

By: ThePits and RSR
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 31-Aug-08
Current release: 1.600, on 31-Aug-08

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NAGT v1.6 [383 M] – The Pits
Major updates to NAGT. Addition of three new cars, many performance, graphical and model updates. Cars in the installer are hi-res cars. Please uninstall previous versions before installing (use uninstaller, see The Pits Website). Porsche paints from previous versions will NOT work.

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420/500 (6185 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Sense of Immersion
Realistic Damage
Default setup Race-ability
FPS Performance
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Is there anyway to disable tyre temperature for rFactor?
zaamin on Dec-06-2012

why i cant see the cars at the shoeroom and appears me an error mesage that says error opening common.mas?
hextor 97 on May-14-2011

the rfm says

Max Opponents = 40

change it

maybe get online mismatches? just change it back.
the_last_name_left on Jul-15-2010

I hope that Jan or somebody can clue me in to one little problem. Apparently this mod has a 40 car AI cap (something I've never seen in any other mod), so I was wondering if there is a way to raise or remove it. Yes, I know shameful of me not to check it out before now (tho with 1.5 out recently my timing is good at least)...
John DiFool on Jul-15-2010

Can someone link me the latest public release for this mod? It isn't working for me.
horvathn on Jul-15-2010

1.5 is out
358modchampion on Jun-22-2010

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