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NEW SOUND for the 1955 F1-mod 1

By: wolferl

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Screenie by: wolferl
Screenie by: wolferl

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New sounds for the mercedes w196 of the 55F1-mod
by wolferl

just extract to your main rfactor-folder.
you have to overwrite the old sfx-file.
if you want to save the original sounds, make a backup before!!!
(sfx-file is located at the folder rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\55F1\55MB_W196)

please ask for permission, if you want to use the sound for the release of another mod !

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Latest NEW SOUND for the 1955 F1-mod Comments

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interior painting need more updates please. huge fan here
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

My was a hardware problem. Only it started just as I began using the new sound. Great sound!!!
AlexPorta on Nov-24-2010

thans a lot for your comments,
and to alex, i am sorry, but i never had such an issue and cant reproduce it.
i did take a look to the samples, but they are ok.
wolferl on Nov-23-2010

I tried it, and even tho is sounds better, it cuts out for a couple of seconds ( sporadically), in my system.
AlexPorta on Nov-22-2010

Astonishing sounds Wolferl, as always very well done!

Rantam on Nov-22-2010

Bloody fantastic, outstanding job!!!
JEFF COSTELLO on Nov-22-2010

hi m8,

need to talk with you if possible... help needed...
pteixeira on Nov-22-2010

Been waiting for a realistic sound for this for a long time...this brings new life to the mod , really a top quality work, thanks!
Speedracer100 on Nov-22-2010

Daaaaaaaaamn! Great job! Thank You.
morerace on Nov-21-2010

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