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NIPPON Racing 1.20

By: TechDaddy
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 30-Nov-05
Current release: 1.200, on 20-Sep-06

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Screenie by: the_last_name_left
Screenie by: the_last_name_left
Screenie by: michther
Screenie by: michther
Screenie by: michther
Screenie by: michther
Screenie by: Fud3nc1o
Screenie by: Fud3nc1o
Screenie by: Fud3nc1o
Screenie by: Fud3nc1o

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Here is the new release of Nippon 1.2. We have tried to fix all the problems we had encountered with version 1.1. Formula Nippon has gone through significant changes in 2006. Some of the changes are: a new Lola Chassis and two new engines. One would be a V8 3L Toyota RV8J and the other V8 3L Honda HF 368E. These changes allowed us to completely re-do Nippon 1.2 from ground up. We decided not to call it Version 2.0 because we didn’t have the adequate body Model for these babies …HINT… if there are any modelers out there who would like to create a body for us, that would finally complete this Mod.

LOL, I have driven these cars for the last 7 months and I think we have gotten it as close as we can to the real Formula Nippon ‘feel’. I hope you guys like it!!

“Please read the read me file before installing”.

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stefano.antoniazzi on Sep-23-2008

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