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NISSAN Skyline R34 GTR 1.10

By: LifeRS and Zaomarano
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: GT
Initial release: 22-Jul-08
Current release: 1.100, on 22-Jul-08

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NISSAN Skyline R34 GTR Mod Version 1.1

This mod was converted from Zaomarano's GTR2 version. Thanks for the kindly sharing and permission from Zaomarano. Please refer to the GTR2 readme-file included in this zip for more information. This patch included two fix, please refer the history below. Thanks for the help from Stigg.

Please contact for permissions regarding this conversion.


Please delete the former version and "NissanR34GTR.cch" file in user's directory. Then extract the zip file to your rFactor directory and overwrite.


- MansonGT & MCIN7 authorize Zaomarano to use their Skyline model (Light-tuned model)

- EA Sport produces such a GT-spec wide-body model and textures for Need For Speed Carbon

- Wider body modification by The Stigg

- Physics by Morning_wood & Zaomarano

- Team Autobacs, Calsonic, Falken, Injen, Jomo, Loctite Zexel,Pennzoil Zexel, Xanavi, Z-tune & Mines are painted by AntMAN12

- Team Dai Yoshihara, Tsuyoshi Tezuka GT and all Street colour teams are painted by DJ Paragon

- Rays Wheels by Daisy with premission

- Sound files borrowed from the rFactor Drift Revolution 1.00 for rFactor by ISI. All rights of the sound files reserved for them.

- Team Amuse Carbon R, Chang-RPM Autoglym GT/NGT, Mines, Veilside are painted by Zmlee

- Team Motul by Rapha76


- Working light objects

- GT/NGT dashboard has been changed to Motec


- The ALT+TAB shortcut to go to Windows desktop doesn't work properly

2008-07-04 V1.1

- Fixed mirror mapping error

- Fixed cockpit view error

- Minor tuned spinner graphics

2008-06-27 V1.0

- Converted base on GTR2 V1.1 version

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Latest NISSAN Skyline R34 GTR Comments

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This isn't even working, Well 1.1 anyway, it's constantly crashing, and sometimes doesn't even load the track... I have over 50 car mods, I know how to install them, and this isn't working. don't bother.
Joshsux on May-28-2012

Links unworked!!!!!!!!!!!! Where i can download it????
MetalPask on Jun-18-2011

Absolutely love this mod and I have made alot of changes to make it more like a Stock GT-R V-Spec, but Im abit lost when it comes to suspension, clutch and AWD tuning.

The clutch seems to be more of a upgraded one to handle all the HP and engages way to rapidly, the gearing, weight and Attessa system also seem a bit off.

Has anyone else made any changes to replicate the Stock version better? is so I would greatly appreciate if yo would post your setups.
FakeThinkpad on May-28-2011

Does anyone know if there are any leagues with the Nissan Skyline?
alkaAdeluxx on Jun-09-2010

can you also please make one with 1400hp?
S.Schmidt on Jun-05-2010

Nice car models. however apart from the rear wing being able to fall off, there is no other damage modelling!?
and I think the car is too fast and too light, but perhaps that is what it's meant to be...

I found the swingman camera (the PageUp one) is way too close to the car, so to put the camera position slightly further back do this-
go to the Vehicles folder and find the Nissan GTR folder then find the 3 '.cam' files (coz there are 3 types of car in this mod).

In each of these files find the SWINGMAN camera settings.

find this line-
PositionOffset=(0.000000, 0.2500000, 0.000000) //

change it to-
PositionOffset=(0.000000, 0.2500000, 0.850000) //

have a go at experimenting with different values.
racer113 on May-25-2010

The GTR overheats the engine pretty fast.
Ripperian on Mar-27-2010

Has anyone RealFeel settings for G25/G27?
Dark_Kostas on Mar-22-2010

First, I like the mod, it feels more "real" then the z-tune one, and if you are kind enough to post your edits here Mad3.0lt i would be even happier.

I changed the timings per pimpfreaks post and the shifting is good now in the "stock" r34, one thing i've discovered tho is that running this on tracks with fairly long straights overheats the engine pretty darn fast. I've run both the r34 and the r34 GT on bathurst and the cars overheat after approx 5 laps getting oiltemps in the 120 degree line... Is this by design or is it something that is meant to be fixed?
gridghost on Sep-15-2009

i edited the car alot got it to feel like a real mines GTR required a bit of work with diffs 4wd and setup but finaly it feels like a real gtr

btw NOS_waster have u noticed non of the cars are ment to be standed GTR's?

if anyone wants the normal gtr's to handle right let me know ill post what i have here
Mad3.0lt on Aug-11-2009

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