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NZ Streetstocks 1.10

By: Bull and Rams
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Initial release: 13-Mar-09
Current release: 1.100, on 13-Mar-09

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Screenie by: KDSR_Bull
Screenie by: KDSR_Bull
Screenie by: KDSR_Bull
Screenie by: KDSR_Bull
Screenie by: KDSR_Bull
Screenie by: KDSR_Bull
Screenie by: KDSR_Bull
Screenie by: KDSR_Bull
Screenie by: KDSR_Bull
Screenie by: KDSR_Bull

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UPDATE NZ Streetstocks 1.1

v1.1 NZ Streetstocks

1) Readme
2) Mod Introduction
3) Known Faults/Glitches
4) Setup Tips
5) ChangeLog from v1.0
6) Credits

1) ReadMe

Firstly, thank you for downloading the NZ Streetstocks v1.1 Public Beta patch. You will notice a lot of changes from the original mod which will hopefully further enhance your experience and make your racing far better.

This mod installs into your default rFactor director (C:\Program Files\rFactor) If you have rFactor installed in a different location on your PC, please direct the installer to the directory of your rFactor.exe

2) Mod Introduction

This mod started out originally around 3 years ago in 2008. The 5 car models (Valiant Charger, Valiant Regal, Holden HQ, Holden Wagon, Ford Falcon) were all originally designed for the simulation game "RACER", and were created by Kevin West and Chris Wildey. However, Racer didn't prove to be the best format for creating a speedway mod for, and so it got passed onto me (Bull) to put into rFactor. Not knowing much about modelling or physics but with plenty of real life experience in racing in real life from the age of 5, I sought out people to help me and teach me. I ended up getting Steven Ramsbottom (Rams) from to help out with the 3D Modelling side of things, and various forums, looking at other mods, listening to other modders etc and taught myself about physics.

The first version of the streetstocks was seen at a Christchurch Stockcar Heat Lan back on 2008. While most were there to play Stockcar Heat as rFactor was still a relatively new sim to the Speedway community at the time, not many actually had rFactor. We had a few people drive them and first impressions were good.

From there, work dropped off a bit with other committments for both me and Rams. Late '09 saw a bit of interest arise again for the streetstocks and we pushed to get a public beta out the doors. This was the beta that was previously released to this on rFactorcentral. The mod, while being fun, proved to be a challenge to casual racers and had several problems and glitches.

I worked on updating the physics after that, and had put together what I felt was a betting physics package then the original mod. However, I did not want to release without spending time on the models, and unfortunately for me I couldn't model to save myself and I had parted ways with Rams and KDSR.

The mod stayed as it was until late 2010 when interest again arose at who were looking at possibly running a league for these in early 2011. So I decided I would finalise the physics as well as try to rectify as many faults as possible. While not all faults have been removed, there has been a vast improvement over previous version which should prove to be more then enjoyable to the majority of the sim community.

So thats where we are at now. I hope to look into adding new vehicles and redoing the models for the next version as well as updating various other things. Until then, this will be more then fine.

3)Known Faults/Glitches

- All cars are Black
This can be solved by opening your rF Config.exe in your rFactor folder and changing your Direct X Level to either 8 or 9.

- Wheel Colours are Glitching/Flickering on the spinner
Unfortunately there is no way to solve this at this point in time, but rest assured they work fine on the track which is really what counts.

- Mirrors are too small/Can't See
Due to all the cars having different seat positions but similar mirror positions, the settings for the mirrors in each car vary. You can change your Mirror position while holding Left Shift and your seat position keys. Alternatively, you can also move your seat to get a better viewing position of the mirror. If you still can't find a happy setting, you can turn on virtual mirrors in your .PLR User file in your Userdata folder

If you find any other faults or glitches Id be more then happy to hear about them, feel free to email me at

4) Setup Tips

As each car has a different set of physics each car requires a different setup, however the theory behind the setup is the same.

As these are 40 year old cars and feature such advanced technology like Leaf Springs, open diffs etc, getting the power from the engine to the track can prove to be the biggest issue.

Below I will outline common scenarios and adjustments you can make to fix the issues.

- Understeer entering corner
Lower front ride height, soften front springs, change brake bias further to the rear, increase camber and front toe.

- Oversteer entering corner
Raise front ride height, stiffen front springs, change brake bias further to front.

- Understeer exiting corner
Raise rear ride height, stiffen rear springs, raise rear anti roll bar, increase camber and toe

- Oversteer exiting corner
Lower rear ride height, soften rear springs, lower rear anti roll bar, raise front ride height.

5) Changelog

Change Log for NZ Streetstocks Physics Update:

- Cleaned up vehicle folder

- Re mapped all engines to closer to real life counterparts and balanced engine performance better throughout vehicles.

- Adjusted tyre grip and slip values to reflect a closer to real life street tyre rather then a race tyre and also balanced throughout different vehicles.

- Adjusted overall weight and weight jack/ratio between cars to reflect closer to real life counterparts. Also removed option to adjust weight jack/ratio ingame as found to give too much of an advantage to some cars and not others, and to stop people weight jacking for one direction of circuit when racing can be done in both directions.

- Adjusted Aerodynamic drag between vehicles to reflect the size and drag of the bodies more realistically as well as changing drag to front and rear of the bodies to reflect the body shape, ie more drag + downforce on the rear of the charger to reflect its tail/wing.

- Adjusted gear ratios to give wider range of track possibilities and setup abilities.

- Removed Upgrade option for different Brake Bias. Now is open ingame so can select own brake bias.

- Added upgrade for Force Feedback Strength + Realfeel support.

- Changed values in damage file to increase force required to remove wheels, lowered "random" value of wheel being broken and changed value to increase force required to bend wheel. Lowered value for force required to bend/damage steering.

- Changed Value ranges on several ingame setup options including front and rear anti roll bar, caster and camber, to allow more setup options while also locking diff settings to keep balance between vehicles.

- Adjusted suspension and bump/rebound shock settings.

- Adjusted Centre Of Gravity to reflect each vehicles real life couterpart more accurately.

- Adjusted Right Front brake disc and pad settings to be same as Left Front

- Adjusted mirror position

- Added 8 new Wheel Colour Upgrades and fixed issue where Gold and Silver and Black upgrade was wrong on some cars but right on others

- Adjusted Specular Level textures for all chassis

- Fixed HQ Holden dash texture and steering wheel texture on spinner

- Added textures to engine and drivetrain

6) Credits

Kevin West
Chris Wildey
Steven Ramsbottom (KDSR_Rams)
Matthew Pluck (Bull)
Sidewinder - Contributed with a lot of skins, Streetstock logo, dash and gearbox textures, and other small stuff.
Beta Testers - Monticus, Sidewinder, Bull, Rams, Rikstr, Blenderer, FEARCE, 2lo, Pitbull, Shorty, Dave Curran
Skin Painters - Sidewinder, Bull, 2lo, Corrin24g, Pitbull, Crazy Asian, Mudguts, Monticus, Stockie NZ
And anyone else I missed out!

All the Beta Testers and Skin Painters.

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