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NZ SuperTourers RF1 1.10

By: FVRFActor
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 16-May-12
Current release: 1.100, on 07-Dec-12

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Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FVRFActor
Screenie by: FVRFActor
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

This is Version 1.1 full installer - it includes all skin packs to Round 5 and a WIP version of Hampton Downs.

Read all of this while you wait for the file to download. We took 6 months to build it, spend 2 minutes to read it. There is no password.

FVRFactor are proud to again release our latest mod NZ SuperTourers. Based off the New Zealand V8 SuperTourer series and exclusively created specifically to emulate this new series. Hours have been spent on this mod since it was first started in November 2011. We have tried to capture the heart and soul of the series and will update shortly to bring some of the new modifications that have been brought to the series, including updated round skins and parts. This version is for rFactor 1.

This mod is for private use only - commercial usage is subject to written approval by FVRFactor. This is not negotiable. We are easy to contact via

All parts, models, graphics, text files remain the property of FVRFactor. We do not give permission for conversion, for editing and for release of our stuff. If you need it - ask us or make your own. Do not pull it apart, just race it or delete it.

We have many people to thank so please take time to read the credits when closing the mod.

We have made sure we have not taken over your copy of rFactor by installing all our stuff to take over your mods.

INSTALLATION - Windows 7 - if you have issues with Windows 7 and it can't find bits - this is an installation error unrelated to the mod. Windows 7 likes to install to weird places sometimes. If this occurs, uninstall and install to a made up folder and copy all the files to your rF install.

THIS MUST BE RUN IN DX9 - not AUTO - NOT DX7 or DX8 - check your rFConfig. If you have this fault you may not see the Fords.

FAULTS - Yes we know of a few. Don't worry about looking for them, we will fix a few in the coming months - damage - should work, if the parts don't fall off they weren't intended to. We have limited this - so smash the car all you like the wings will NOT come off.

We have several levels of Force Feedback in the mod. You can remove the steering wheel in the upgrades files. If you think the grip is too much or doesn't handle like a V8Supercar - then its right - it was never meant to handle like a V8Supercar. These physics are different intentionally and we have had an amazing amount of input and support from one of the racing teams and its drivers as listed below.

We will be putting in the pacecar shortly when we do the rounds updates, the pit light on the back intentionally doesn't work and will be updated when it actually works in the real cars during the enduro rounds.

These are the settings that we use

[NZ Supertourers]

Note how the force at steering rack is a negative number (this is how we understand that the position of the steering arms in the model work ...... negative for in front of the wheel and positive for behind the wheel.

These are our V8 Supercar settings

[V8 Supercar]


Here is the list of everyone we need to thank.

NZ SuperTourers by FVRFactor


NZ SuperTourers is a scratch built mod for the sim rFactor.

3D Modelling


Drivers Suits





Texturing Dashboards:

Talent Files:


Alpha Testing:


Andy Booth - Andy Booth Racing
For posting a million pictures on his facebook page and providing
us with information we needed and photos upon request.

Colin Corkery - Racing Projects
For assisting us in the physics department with your knowledge.

Lee Burley - Melbourne Performance Centre
For assisting us with specific photo's, physics assistance
and information upon request.

Nathan Addis - Hyper Stimulator NZ
For assisting us with graphics.

Jack Kofoed - Kiwi Carbrokers NZ
For assisting us with graphics.

Gareth Breeuwsma - Simworx
For providing feedback to us on the drag
coefficient for the physics.

Image Space Incorporated
For creating rFactor and allowing us the opportunity to be a part
of such a great title, it's future and its succession.


To our partners, kids and our cats and dogs for putting up
with our hobby since we started this mod and the Aussie V8's
back on November 22nd, 2011. Six long hard months exactly,
from start to release.

Any file, information, content, idea, or other parts
relating to this mod, or its development or format
is proprietary to FVRFactor. Funnily enough the
first three letters of FVRFactor is the pass for the file. FVR is the PASSWORD.

*Third-party brands and names are the property of their respective owners.

(c) 2012 FVRFactor
All Rights Reserved.

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Pa spet Bojan. Jst sem se pa matral v hrvaš?ini pisat.
newstart027 on Nov-09-2016

E Bojane, javljam se iz Samobora, pored ZG-a, dal mi mozes nekako objasnit kako se rade staze.
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wonder woman costume
newstart027 on Nov-09-2016

The Tsukuba Circuit is a famous race track located in Shimotsuma, a neighboring city of Tsukuba, Japan.
newstart027 on Oct-20-2016

i am having problems opening the MAS files. i have got DX9 on, not Auto, help???
HecticDriftYT on Aug-07-2016

Great mod! Cars feel very nice. They look awesome and sound pretty good too.

TwoHardCore on Dec-01-2014

Would be nice if the gearing could be changed. Way to low for most all tracks.
swingeasy on Jul-02-2014

Sorted! I had used the 1 click install from RFCentral which didn't seem to work, then downloaded the mod file from RFCentral and extracted that to my RF folder, which also didn't work. Dbens1, your mention of the installer gave me a clue, and I downloaded the file from FVRFactor and ran the!! thanks
mikael on Mar-10-2013

yes, I extracted all the files to a dummy folder, then copied them to my RFactor directory. I didn't try V1. Should I have installed that first?
mikael on Mar-10-2013

OK So by extracting the files, did you mean run the installer and then point it to a dummy folder to extract everything? Did you get the same issue with version 1.0 of the mod?
dbens1 on Mar-08-2013

I cannot get this mod to load, it just crashes to the desktop when I try to run it. I have followed the instructions for Win 7 by uninstalling the mod, and extracting the files to a dummy folder, then copying them into my RFactor installation, but get the same crash to desktop. I have installed other mods using 1 click install, including FVR V8SC, without a problem. I have also configured RFactor to DX9 as suggested.

Any ideas anyone?

PC specs: I7 @ 2.6, 8GB RAM, ATI 6950 (latest drivers)


mikael on Mar-05-2013

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