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National Stock Car 1

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Stock Cars
Initial release: 01-Aug-06
Current release: 1, on 01-Aug-06

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Screenie by: Highbank
Screenie by: Highbank
Screenie by: Highbank
Screenie by: Highbank
Screenie by: Highbank
Screenie by: Highbank
Screenie by: Highbank
Screenie by: Highbank

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National Stock Car Racing. Includes Centennial, Edgar and Titan stock cars. Part of ISI's rFactor udpate.

NOTE: National Stock Car is part of the Series.

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I'm working on a carset for the 2006 NEXTEL Cup Season...20 cars in, it's looking pretty nice....
Highbank on Jan-13-2019

Awesome and interesting article. Great things you've always shared with us. Thanks. Just continue composing this kind of post.
anasmalik on Oct-23-2018

My main criticism is that on a number of oval tracks (Orchard Lake, Jacksonville, Indianapolis etc)....the AI cars all pit every 15-16 laps when they should be able to go 2-3 times longer than that. I can have the AI strength and aggression set to full (120% and 100) and I still end up winning a 400 or 500 mile race by 5+ laps.
HoldenV8 on Feb-15-2018

We have been knowing how to get youtube unblocked at when you have been looking for the way to get the free proxy for youtube.
raosabir23 on Jan-30-2018

Link is Dead!
No motor sounds or RFM.
New link or delete this shite!
alienaudio on Jan-28-2017

the link don't work!
Michy99 on Feb-20-2015

could anyone please send me a link for the missing sounds and also the RFM folder for NATIONAL STOCK CARS 2006
m.masters on Dec-10-2014

you dont have to re-install or update. the mod with the missing sound pack and missing rfm files are on my filefront. idk why they would release an incomplete download but i fixed their mistake. pm me for a link to the complete mod and some nice tracks as well.
Swift84 on Sep-16-2010

Hi all. I'm an aussie who has just started getting interested in stock cars. Can anyone tell me why the AI are so slow in this mod. I'm running at Iowa with the AI set at 120% strength and 100% aggression and I'm still 2 seconds a lap quicker. Believe me I couldn't be that good! And I know that they can't be that easy to learn to drive.
mrpanorama on Jun-27-2010

Guys, You need to download and install the 1150 update.Then reinstall your 1255 update. You should then have this mod and all needed files.A Google search should take you to a place to download the 1150 update.
griff on Feb-07-2010

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National Stock Car