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Nelson Ledges Road Course 0.10

By: rallymaster
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Screenie by: rallymaster
Screenie by: rallymaster

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Track Facts:
While listed at 2 miles, the actual length of the track is 1.82 miles. It is a fast, flowing circuit with banked corners, unique for a road racing facility. While over the recent years the facility has been a bit challenged in it's maintenance, since 2003 when the new management began, we have seen major rejuvination and improvements of the facility. Much of the track has seen new repaving, runoff areas have been increased and graded smooth, drainage systems installed, there's been paving in the paddock, and even flush toilets installed. If you haven't been there in the last 5 years, it's not the same place. You can click on the aerial view here : for a general overview of the track.

Track History:
Originally built as a dirt road course in 1961, Nelson Ledges has grown to characterize club racing. Nelson was the first racing facility to use tire walls entirely. Once known as the "busiest track in the country" for it's number of events, Nelson Ledges has been the regular haunt of driver's such as actor Paul Newman and Speed GT and Touring Car champion Micheal Galati, and Micheal Andretti ran his SCCA liscensing school here. From 1975 to 1977, Nelson Ledges hosted a round of the SCCA Trans Am series, where drivers such as Ludwig Heimrath, Bob Tullius, George Follmer, John Greenwood and Peter Gregg tackled the challenging high speed turns.

In 1980, the Longest Day 24 hour Endurance Race began, and was at the time the only 24 event in the United States for production cars. Over the years of the Longest Day, drivers such as Dick Gouldstrand, Bobby Carradine, John and Jeff Andretti, Hurley Haywood, Ross Cheever and the Archer brothers tried their hands at night racing here, as well as myself. Many manufacturers brought their own prototypes to test, Mazda with their RX-7 turbo, Chevrolet with Guldstrand and the ZR-1 Corvette, Porsche hired Fred Baker to run a 944 Turbo before they were imported, VW debuted their supercharged GTI, Caterham reintroduced the "7" to North America, and in the late 80's/early 90's many events were won by Consulier, which later went on to become Mosler with a rich history in GT racing. With rFactor's endurance racing capability, we hope to create our own "Longest Day".

Build Progress: - .001 %

01/12/2008 - Project begun. Full GPS and data recorded from the facility itself.

01/18/2008 - GPS data imported into BTB, basic layout created. Fine tuning of nodes in progress.

To Do:

Everything else!

Please, if you can volunteer any support of this project, I'll be very appreciative of any time and advice and help you can give. I'm sure I'll get very annoying over at the track building forums with all my questions.


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Seriously it carries great information on it. Keep sharing, Thanks! Nelson Ledges Race Course
johnnystell484 on Oct-06-2018

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morganwalker on Sep-26-2018

I raced Nelson Ledges with this year, it was a blast. I'd love to ride this track in rFactor. I also imported my GPS data into BTB, and it works great - but I'm not good with creativity. I don't even have a pit at Nelson (nor any of the 3.6 miles of tire wall). I do enjoy playing my crappy version of Nelson - but I'm sure I'd enjoy your version much more. Have you made any progress? Can you upload what you have so far?
tgriffith on Nov-11-2010

Originally posted by: Parrotman

Say did you know that there's a version of this track for GTR2?

It's my home track too. I'd like to help. I'm at the same experience level as FastDaddy.

Was this ever completed? Nelson is my home track, though I'm an LEC corner worker not a driver. I LOVE this track.
Feedbag on Aug-11-2010

Say did you know that there's a version of this track for GTR2?
It's my home track too. I'd like to help. I'm at the same experience level as FastDaddy.
Parrotman on Apr-18-2010

Are you starting from scratch or converting from the SCGT Nelson Ledges? As this is my home track for racing I am very excited about this. If I can help please let me know. I of course have never done anything like this so, not sure what help I could be.

Drop me a line
scott.nutter @
FastDaddy on Nov-18-2008

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