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Neon Cup 2001 1

By: Jose Lopez
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 01-Jan-13
Current release: 1, on 12-Apr-13

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Screenie by: Jose Lopez
Screenie by: Jose Lopez
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall

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This is my new mod based on the chrysler neon. Have a two divisions with diferents engines, and an exra with street cars. Enjoy it.

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The cars in the neon cup of the 2001 were defeating to each other on the rough road of the car tracking. There are the drivers which are actually students are used best essay writing service inside the cars with racing battle.
maryzahid26 on Jul-03-2018

Run the application as admin.
The application directory must contain the word rFactor or it will not work.
newstart027 on Oct-18-2016

A quick note for anyone who download this, be warned that if you have the shift street mod installed in your game as well as this mod. the cars from both mods will appear in each others' series.
Gtracerskyler on Apr-17-2013

Thanks, Freddie. I'll give this a shot when I get home from work.
eaganj on Apr-16-2013

thanks freddie, this is the solution
jall on Apr-16-2013

There's no need in additional .rfm files. The problem simply is in wrong spelling of vehicle categories in .rfm. Remove extra spaces, so the line reads

Vehicle Filter = OR: Division1 OR: Division2 OR: Street

and it will cure the problem.
Freddie on Apr-16-2013

Two things:

1. The .rfm files for the "Tuned" (non-street) version are missing. Or, after looking at the file in Notepad, I'm not sure of the directory that the file is pointing to. I am unable to choose anything other than the street car.

2. Driving the "Street" version, I noticed that the windows are rather dark. Almost like I am looking through tinted windows.

Otherwise, this seems like a great mod and feels good to drive so far. I did a little testing with the default setup at Vanport w/Festival Curves.
eaganj on Apr-15-2013

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