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New Race Groove Texture 1

By: Smorr

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Smorr / Empty Box's Racegroove Update for rFactor

Included in this package is three different Race groove textures.

-Lightest Variant (For a lighter racing line, as if it rained the night before)
-Middle (A balance.)
-Darkest (Darkest groove included, Default)

Install instructions
-Extract these files to your rFactor/GameData/locations Folder. This should not overwrite any files.
It will however, override all tracks, meaning one file needed. You could also install it to a specific track (Not tested though) by dropping it into the tracks folder.

If you want to try the other variants out, simply remove the description. Which ever file is named Racegroove.tga will be the active file.

(Legal mumbo jumbo...)

This addon will NOT cause any issues online, nor should it cause any performance issues. However, I am NOT responsible for any damaged caused by this addon. Use at your own risk.

Note to track creators-
If you would like you can go ahead and feel free to include these files (which ever of your choice) with your tracks. Just make sure to include my name in the readme. Or, make your own (Im tired of the ugly defaults looking ugly.)


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there it is on its own
chappielike2009 on May-17-2011

Originally posted by: [RFC]-Fresh!

Guys I've emailed the modder asking if he has a new link.

it is in my mod new config an dx9 setup
chappielike2009 on Apr-26-2011

Guys I've emailed the modder asking if he has a new link.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jan-25-2011

No download link,no image,just taking up valuable room on the website,explain?????
Madprof on Jan-25-2011

Indeed not very useful this way
trigo lightning on Sep-09-2010

No download links.
doser on Mar-11-2010

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