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New York Circuit 1

By: 1234xela1
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 06-Dec-10
Current release: 1, on 06-Dec-10

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I think that is a good circuit with a longer positions and very good
build.I expect that you know to valorate the good circuits.

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Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
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FPS Performance
Realistic Track Surface
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Like the track, but a few things could do with sorting, the AI racing line needs to be sorted especially on the slow corners as they behave more like dodgem's than race cars. The first time I started a race I got a stop go penalty just for using the rumble strips? (they also need sorting as there is no difference in the feel from the track). I kept getting the yellow flag flashing as the AI's were passing through the slow corners.
Lockinvar on Apr-30-2013

is this meadowlands or is this fictional circuit???
astonbiaggi on Jun-25-2012

The track isn't actually going to be in New York. It's across the river in Weehauken, New Jersey. They couldn't very well shut down the West Side Highway for three days now, could they? Still, nice work.
RobotShlomo on Jun-24-2012

im from ny and i say youre missing a whole lot of buildings... nice track tho
Sasuke024 on Jul-24-2011

nice track! it is a city circuit, it just goes on the coast and then goes into the city itself, i live in NYC and i know that this layout is plausible. This track reminds me of adelaide or melbourne being in the city but also having a part of it in a park. 5*
batador on Mar-25-2011

thank you guys
1234xela1 on Mar-14-2011

Originally posted by: Rogenater

Hi I dont understand the low rateing, but you got 5s from me. You can call it anything you like. Any City USA Damm fine driveing layout. Tyvvm Rogenator

I agree with Roger ~ call it "Gothom City" and the NYC puristists will be satisfied. Very nice track, one thing struck me as odd was the trees ~ some are in full summer green while the others are in golden autumn. Pick one ~ I'd suggest Autumn. 4 Starrs from me.
Smokey on Jan-28-2011

Hi I dont understand the low rateing, but you got 5s from me. You can call it anything you like. Any City USA Damm fine driveing layout. Tyvvm Rogenator
Rogenater on Jan-26-2011

Not a 'New York' circuit. If you had called it "city streets circuit' or something, then maybe it would be better. The actual layout is ok though.
rodrrico on Jan-25-2011

Turbo2, please try again, link has been fixed.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jan-25-2011

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